10 Tips If You are Traveling First Time with Your Baby

Every new parent looks forward to the first time their little munchkin will get to actually travel to a long distance. Although, this comes with both excitement and fear of the unknown.

Did I say fear of the unknown?

Hell no, fear of how to cope with a confined baby in a new environment is more like it.The idea is great but the actual doing is daunting. There is a lot to make you insane with thoughts. From what to pack, how much to pack, and worrying about what could go wrong.

But it shouldn’t be that daunting with these tips

1. Start Packing Early

Don’t wait for the last minute to start running around the house looking for what to pack. Start early unless the travel was not anticipated. Make a list of what you will need. Remember you don’t have to carry everything; you can always buy some items when you get to your destination. I am sure there are stores where you will be going. But if you are unsure, please carry.

Essentials items are things like:

  • Clothes enough for the whole stay. Always pack extra; you can never be certain with kids
  • Diapers bag with lots of diapers and wipes
  • Baby feeding items
  • Toys to keep them busy
  • Baby toiletries
  • Baby carrier or carry cot but if you own a stroller, the better
  • Painkiller

Double check to confirm that you have packed everything your little one must have to make your traveling easy.

2. Research about Your Destination

Knowing where you are going will help you prepare well. You might need to carry some things that didn’t cross your mind like mosquito repellant, clean drinking water, very warm clothing or your baby might need to get some jabs.

If you will be staying in a hotel, you can ring them up and find out if they have services for kids, what they offer and what they don’t.

3. Brand Your Baby

Yes, brand your baby! Whether you are a paranoid mum or not, children get lost even on your watch. Get a wristband branded with your name and contacts to be safe.

4. Packing Baby Food

It is advisable to carry homemade packed baby food when traveling. At least you are certain of how it was made. Pack your baby’s food in thermal containers to keep the food warm. Luckily most airports allow food in containers so that shouldn’t deter you.

5. Be on Time

In fact don’t be on time, be way ahead of time. This is if flying with the child. Airports are busy places and can be overwhelming for a small child. Arriving way before time gives you ample time to make the baby settled for the flight.

6. Plan for Entertainment

It can be really hard to contain a child in one place for long. Children are not meant to just be sited still for more than a minute unless when sleeping. As such, plan for entertaining activities to keep them engaged during the entire trip. A super awesome gadget to carry is their tablet. Download interesting games and videos to keep them glued. Ensure to carry a pair of headphones so that you don’t distract other passengers.

7. Mind Their Comfort

There is nothing as depressing as a baby crying out of discomfort and as a parent you have no means to make them comfortable. Carry a warm blanket and a pillow for a comfortable nap.

8. Organize for Travel Insurance

Babies get sick with no notice. They could be well all day and by night they are running a crazily high fever. Make arrangements for a travel insurance. Also, find out where the nearest hospital is from where you will be staying.

9. Anticipate Uncertainties

No enough preparation can really prepare you for travel uncertainties. Even with all these tips, it is possible for a thing or two to go wrong. To prepare yourself mentally, run through scenarios of everything that could go wrong. Then one by one, plan on what you will do to contain the situation. This will help you be prepared mentally for any worse scenario.

10. Move around Less

Plan for trips less if you can or plan to be in a location with so many to do but just within. This lessens the amount of movement with the baby. Babies get tired so easily so being in a place close to your hotel room is ideal

Final Words

Of course, traveling with a baby is not easy. But it’s doable. The first time is the hardest because you are both new to it but a few more times and life gets easier. With the above tips, even that first time should be a little bit stressing but more enjoyable.

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