Top 4 Things You should Take with You Camping

No matter how much time passes, camping still remains to be one of the most popular and most exciting outdoor activities to do. There is that unique feeling that people seem to only enjoy doing camping activities with friends, colleagues and even families. Some people say that camping allows them to experience the rawness of life. And others say that camping makes them one with nature by disconnecting with technology and the noisy urban life. Simply put, camping rejuvenates the soul of the campers and allows them to achieve a state of calmness that will somehow give them enlightenment.

However, all of these can only be enjoyed if one is prepared with the right equipment and tools for camping. You see, camping also has their risks - the natural risks of nature. These risks include getting lost, injured, or attacked by wild animals, food poisoning and many other difficult situations. Without the necessary preparations and equipment, your dream camping might just become one of your worst experiences.

Fortunately, with the help of our friends on, we have gathered here the top 4 things that you should always take with you on your camping activities.

1. Sleeping Bags and Tents

One of the most common mistakes and let downs that campers do in their camping is their sleeping bags and tents. Always remember that tents are not just your sleeping area, it is your secured private space. Thus, make sure that your tent is big enough for the occupants or you if you are going solo plus the necessary space for your bags and other personal belongings.

Additional features such as zipper locks, partitions are also good considerations that you should think of. As for the sleeping bag, it must simply be big and comfortable enough for you to sleep in without worrying about having an intense body ache the day after.

2. Cooking Utensils

There is no point in camping if you will bring readymade food in your camp. Not bringing readymade food, except for snacks is an unspoken rule in camping. Thus, always make sure that you are equipped with portable cooking utensils such as a knife, a chopping board, and a small cooking pot or pan. There are also portable gas stoves with gas burners that will allow you to cook faster.

3. Maps

When going on a camping trip, especially to neighboring mountains, always make sure that you bring a detailed map with you. Even if you have a guide who is very familiar with the area, it is still a must that you yourself bring a map, so that in case of emergency situations, your group will be assured that you know your location and will not be lost.

4. Emergency Kit

Last but not least, never forget to bring an emergency kit that will contain emergency measures such as, radio, a satellite phone, energy bars, medicines, flares, emergency light, and other essential emergency items. In fact, it is also recommended to bring pepper sprays or taser guns as safety measures.

As a final tip, when preparing for camping, always make sure that you will be equipped with the tools and items that will make you useful in your camping.

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