5 Outdoor Activities for Kids in the Winter

We know it is cold outside but that won’t stop us from having fun and enjoying the frosty season! Most likely, kids are on holiday vacation so this is the perfect time to be outdoors and bond with family and friends. Instead of feeling in despair with the house full of bickering kids, fun winter-break activities will surely get them occupied.

According to health experts, kids should go outside and play regardless if its summer or winter. They have to spend that extra energy and burn some calories. Keeping the kids active is important for their health. So instead of spending most of their time watching television or playing online games, we gather five of the most fun activities that they can do outdoors.

These activities are intended to be done outdoors. Gather your family and friends and plan for a play date outside.

1. Throw Snowballs

Apparently, you can’t do this activity unless its winter. Throwing snowballs means fun for both kids and adults. Establish rules before playing so no one will get hurt. Make sure to do it in a clear area to keep the players safe.

Putting up a snowball target like tree trunks is also a nice idea. You can have two teams for this game and each team will be given the chance to hit the target. You can set other game mechanics as you like.

A snowball fight will be ideal for bigger kids but be sure to supervise them to avoid injuries or bullying.

2. Snow Sculpture/Snowman


So do you want to build a snowman? We believe that the winter is not complete without our own versions of a snowman. Let your kids do their own masterpiece. Aside from a snowman, they can create other figures and shapes.

This is the time to get creative. You can think of a category that they can create. Beach shovels will come handy for this activity. Help them in stacking big snowballs for the snowman’s body.

They can use twigs, clothes, sticks, fruits and other objects to dress their snowman.

Making snow bricks is also a nice thing to do to keep them building for hours. This will be their snow fort. Likewise, they can make snow mazes.

3. Ice Skating/Sledding

The best part of winter is that you and the kids have plenty of time to go ice skating. You can teach them if this is their first time to skate.

There are a lot of outdoor skating rinks during this season or you can come up with a backyard skating rink.You can also allow them to sign up for ice skating lessons if you are not a pro yourself. This will also allow them to meet new friends or enjoy winter-break with their friends or classmates.

Toddlers and younger kids will find it more fun to sled. Just make sure they are accompanied with adults to avoid untoward incidents. Sled-pulling contest and its other variations sound great too! You can prepare some gifts or rewards for the fastest team to finish the race.

Aside from sledding, tobogganing is also a popular activity during winter. There are commercial areas that offer hours of fun with their toboggans and sleds. It is a great alternative for skiing or ice skating and may seem more challenging.

4. Winter Hike

Who says that hiking can only be done on a hot weather? It can be also a great adventure on winter days as it is economical, easy and fun to do with the whole family. Make sure to dress them appropriately. It will also help if you will bring extra blankets or sleeping bag especially if you have toddlers with you.

Aside from giving them some exercise, hiking also help them improve their balance and motor skills. Allow your toddler to go on a hike too. Bring some snacks, hot drinks or a thermos of hot soup with you.

Play some games or look for other activities that you can do while enjoying the scenery and the cold wind. How about a scavenger hunt? Create a list of the things to find such as rocks, pine cones or twigs. For the extra challenge, you can add a category to it such as something white and round, something long, etc.

5. Snowball Relay

If you have plenty of kids to deal with, the snowball relay is the ideal game for you. It is also ideal to do with neighbors. You will need at least two teams with equal numbers of players per team. Create some tracks and let each teams make their snowball.

Each player will run around the track. After that, they should pass the snowball to the next player. All members of the team should run around the track. You can make this game more challenging by adding basic obstacle course or hurdles.

If the player drops the snowball, they have to start again. The first team to finish wins. You can also come up with other mechanics or rules.


Winter break may seem an ordeal for parents since kids are in the house all day long. You know that a day won’t pass without some fighting or bickering among these little humans. However, it is cold outside and they won’t go out. Aside from that, their health matters so we should find ways to keep them active and moving.

The activities mentioned above will help you convince the kids to explore and enjoy the cold temperature. Aside from that, make sure to dress them properly. The children will enjoy the outdoors if they feel warm and dry.

Still, it is important that you keep the kids safe, healthy and happy during winter. Since they aren’t getting enough sun, vitamins and other supplements will help to keep them active. So enjoy and have plenty of winter fun ahead!

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