Top 8 Awesome Accessories for Baby

Part of the fun of having a baby is getting to shop for your new arrival. Just look around: babies get all the good stuff! And there is a lot of good stuff - so much in face that you may be a little overwhelmed by the sheer selection.

Baby accessories are particularly bountiful, and while some are inspired, some are fun and some are functional, the best will be all three. Obviously, these are the accessories you want for your bundle of joy.

Here are the most awesome baby accessories available:

8 Awesome Accessories for Baby

1. Mesh Feeder

This is a wonderful product for babies who are just being introduced to food. A mesh feeder allows you to put solid food in a mesh bag, which is then sealed by a cap with a handle for baby. Baby can chew on the mesh, sampling the flavour of the food, and parents can rest assured that baby won’t choke. Mesh feeders are particularly amazing for teething babies, since you can put frozen berries in the pouch and baby can chew on the soothing, numbing goodness of fruit.

2. Bath Stand


Most babies love bath time. Bath stands for your baby bath make this time even more enjoyable for parents, too, since it gives you a place to bath baby that doesn’t necessitate you getting down on the floor. Baby bath stands and accessories put baby at your waist level, so bath time is easy on your aching back.

3. Soother Clip

Not all babies use soothers, but if yours does, you can save yourself a small fortune replacing binkies by investing in a few soother clips. These attach the soother to your baby’s shirt by a short ribbon or cord. Even when the soother falls out of baby’s mouth it’s still right there.

4. Stroller Cover


There are a few different kinds of stroller covers, and all of them are exceptional investments in the comfort of your baby. While most strollers have a canopy, sun screens provide extra UV protection. Mesh nets are fantastic to keep bugs and insects away from baby’s beautiful skin. Then there are stroller snuggies, which fit right over the bottom of strollers like a huge mitten to keep baby warm and cosy in the cooler months.

5. Hook on High Chair

If you travel a lot, a hook on high chair is an amazing baby accessory. This ingenious invention literally hooks right onto the side of tables or countertops so baby can dine in feet-floating freedom. Don’t worry about safety: they have an iron grip, so baby is secure. And don’t worry about your table: while tough, the grip is won’t do any damage

6. Baby Trampoline

Before you start envisioning your precious baby in a full-body cast, keep in mind these are trampolines designed for babies. Older babies. Babies who are walking. These trampolines provide not only endless exercise and fun for baby, but peace of mind for parents, thanks to their diminutive size and their safety handlebar to help baby stand and stay standing.

7. Baby Neck Float Ring

Ridiculously cute and totally inspired, the baby swim donut is made for young babies. By keeping baby's head out of the water, but allow them to float otherwise unaided, baby will relax and go with the flow - just like being in the womb. Parents swear by this poolside baby accessory, especially for fussy wee ones. (Of course, they should be supervised and within arms reach at all times)

For older babies who are able to sit up unaided, there is another option: a baby float donut. In this delicious device, baby’s legs slip through two holes in a seat in the middle of the donut. Baby can cruise around the pool, enjoy a little freedom within easy reach of mom or dad.

8. Jolly Jumper

This awesome baby accessory has stood the test of time, and remains one of the most enduring and coveted items for baby for a reason: babies love it as much as parents. Just put your baby in one and watch them really get bouncing. You’ll be laughing as much as your wee one.

Jolly jumpers suspend baby an inch or two from the floor, holding them in a safe and comfy harness. From this vantage, babies can bounce to their heart’s content, making this the perfect accessory to tire baby out before nap time, or just keep them occupied for a few precious minutes so you can eat something using both hands, for once.


Inspired, fun and functional. Those are the three attributes that separate good baby accessories from awesome baby accessories. Of course, all of these baby accessories are also safe for baby, so you can rest assured you’re giving your wee one the most amazing babyhood possible. If you’re in the market for something truly incredible for baby, look no further than this list.

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