5 Benefits of Owning a KD Smart Wheelchair

Some people, especially the elderly, or those who’ve sustained injuries that have compromised their mobility need help to move around. In case you have such a challenge or a person with a similar issue, a wheelchair becomes a necessity. Although there are many types of wheelchairs on the market, a KD Smart Chair is among the best.

Here are five benefits to owning a KD Smart wheelchair:

1. Helps you regain mobility

Having an issue that makes it difficult for you to move around is very inconveniencing. Doing some basic activities like going to the bathroom or picking something that’s fairly far from you requires someone to be there to assist you. Fortunately, with a KD Smart Chair, you’ll be able to get around freely and without hassle.

2. Easy Transportation

A standard KD Smart Chair weighs 50 pounds and so, when not in use or the surface is too rugged to wheel on, a physically fit person can easily carry it to the storage area or where it’s possible to ride on. Besides, it is airline approved, meaning that you can carry it along during your air travels for use upon reaching the destination. The wheelchair folds to a compact size in seconds for easy storage.

In fact, when folded, it is remarkably more compact as compared to ordinary wheelchairs and fits nearly anywhere. Whether you are traveling by your car, train, cruise ship or airplane, the wheelchair will fit in the storage compartment perfectly.

3. Years of great value

If you want a wheelchair that will stand the test of time, giving you tens of years of great value, rest assured that you can’t go wrong with KD Smart Wheelchair. It is so strong that it can support a weight of up to 265 pounds. Most people don’t weigh more than that, and so, it’s suitable for nearly everybody.

The lithium battery that powers the chair can make it travel up to 15 miles without going off. Another good thing about the power source is that it can be charged anytime, whether its energy is depleted or not.

4. Efficiency and easy maintenance

Some wheelchairs are run by brushless motors while others operate on brushed motors. The former is more efficient than the latter. Considering that KD Smart Wheelchair operates on dual wheel brushless motors, its efficiency it top-notch. The dual wheel motors have direct drive support for the highest amount of power possible. That’s why the wheelchair can move even the rough surfaces easily.

Unlike other wheelchairs that requires complex and costly maintenance, KD Smart needs just minimal maintenance and is very easy to service.

5. A happier and healthier life

We’ve already seen that this wheelchair is very efficient, strong and powerful. Also, it has an amazing turning radius which makes it very easy for the rider to maneuver through narrow hallways and doorways. Therefore, with this wheelchair, you can easily move around your home and even outside to participate in various activities just like other people without mobility challenges. Whether you want to enjoy a picnic with friends, go shopping, visit friends/family, eat at your favorite eatery or anything you’d want to do to feel complete, this wheelchair helps you to lead an active lifestyle that normally leads to a happier and healthier life.

If you are a health challenge that interferes with your mobility, a K​D Smart Chair will be of great help. With it, you can lead an active life just like other people.

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