The Superb Health Benefits of Using a Trampoline

If you thought trampolines are for kids and just fun, think again! When it comes to repetitive bouncing motions of a trampoline, you get more health benefits as compared to running or jogging. Most exercises require you to cultivate a disciplined lifestyle, make sacrifices and put up with pain. Trampoline is fun, safer and much more rewarding. Therefore, as surprising as it may sound, trampoline jumping takes up to 80% off the stress of your weight-bearing joints and is full of fun.

The G-Force Impact

According to A. Carter, who summarized a NASA study, “Rebound Exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man”.

According to the NASA study, the amount of heart rate and oxygen consumption that one generates when jumping on a trampoline is much greater as compared to running. The body also exerts a higher magnitude of bio mechanical stimuli as compared to jogging.

The G-force effect when bouncing on a trampoline is twice or thrice than normal. What this means is that your body weight doubles or triples for a fraction of a second when you land at the deepest point of the rebounder mat. The G-force effect is crucial for strengthening your body and does not leave your body in fatigue as compared to other lower limb exercises.

Therefore, bearing in mind the impact of G-force in using a trampoline.

Some of the Health Benefits of Using a Trampoline

1. Lower-Impact Cardiovascular Fitness

When you are running or jogging the impact of making contact with the ground can lead to bone and joint injuries. The trampoline, on the other hand, has a flexible surface that reduces the impact of landing as it moves with you as you land. Therefore, all the time while in jumping motion you increase the heart rate, breathe rate and improve your cardiovascular fitness at a moderate rate without vigorous intensity.

2. Improved Lymphatic Function

The lymphatic system is responsible for immunity and through the lump fluid bath cells collect waste from tissues and dispose of it through the skin, lungs, liver and the kidneys. Thelymphatic system requires muscular contract to move metabolic waste up the system and away from the body. Exercises generate this movement. However, the up and down bouncing on the trampoline is more effective as it stimulates the lymph system increasing the lymph flow substantially. This is crucial as it helps the body clear body toxins as well as improve the overall immune function.

3. Mental Health

For your brain to stay alert, it certainly requires you to pump clean oxygen. The trampoline exercise helps you pump clean oxygen and trigger the release of endorphins. The endorphins are crucial for you to feel happy and in high spirits. Therefore, when you are trampolining, you release mood-enhancing natural chemicals that make you laugh and leave you happy.

4. Weight Loss

If you are looking for a way to tone the muscles and burn fat, trampolining is the way to do it. Rebounding is a proven way to burn calories and fat. Every part of your body receives a work out during trampolining which leads to you burning calories and fat deposits. Your metabolism rises considerably when trampolining for an extended period even after rebounding and helps you keep utilizing calories even after the exercise. Trampolining is not limited to the gym or to a specific time when you have set for exercise. You can lose weight while watching television or having fun chats with your friends.


Improve Balance, Coordination and Bone Mass

When you jump on the trampoline your body, depending on the angle and force you tohit the trampoline’s surface, your body rebounds at a different angle. Therefore, the continued motion creates unexpected movements. You must find a way to balance your weight and find the center of gravity. This forces you to ‘re-balance’ every time you make a rebound. You learn to find equilibrium and predict your body movement hence improving your body control and coordination.

The trampoline helps you build a strong skeleton system and increase your bone mass. The rebounding exercises create a G-force effect that helps you strengthen your bones and build your bone mass. Astronauts are known to lose bone mass when they spend prolonged periods on zero-gravity. Therefore, trampoline exercise increases G-Force that strengthens your bones, tissues ligaments, tendons, and joints.


If you are looking for a way to stay fit and have fun; a trampoline is a must. The trampoline has numerous benefits, and it is time to reap those benefits. You are recommended to bounce on the trampoline for a minimum of five minutes a day to increase your cellular oxygenation, improve your aerobic capacity and strengthen weak muscles and joints. These benefits can be achieved at the most convenient hours of your daily schedule. Kindly leave a comment below and share your trampoline experience.

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