The Best Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage [Update 2021]

Many different types of exercise are becoming popular with children and adults of all ages. People want to feel more physically fit and they want to feel like they can do the things they enjoy and so they’re looking for new ways to get in shape. But traditional methods (like going to the gym) can be extremely boring… which is why finding a new way to get that same exercise (or even more) is crucial. And that’s where you want to find the best rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage, because it’s going to make getting in shape a whole lot more fun and successful too!

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Top 4 Best Rebounders for Lymphatic Drainage Reviews


Looking for a trampoline that’s going to let you jump around for a long time without getting bored? This one is going to help you with that as your best rebounder for lymphatic drainage  because it’s actually designed to keep you interested and working out with a fun DVD. Not only that, but it can be taken anywhere you want, which is really going to benefit anyone who wants to stay in shape but doesn’t want to go to the gym.


  • The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline is 39” around and has a padded surface over the springs so you don’t have to worry about getting caught or hurting your feet.
  • It’s black in color and has 30 EnduroLast 2 cords for durability and longevity and it’s able to be adjusted for more tension or a little less tension.
  • Not only that but it comes with a fitness trampoline DVD to get you started on your workout even faster and without any of the hassle of trying to come up with your own routine.
  • Compared even to their other models, the 250 offers more surface area and it has a petal mat edge with a weight limit of 250 pounds.


  • On the downside, you do have to get a bar separately if you want one, which means you don’t have any additional support while you’re jumping to keep you centered on the trampoline. Some people have also had a few problems with bands snapping, though even if one or two snap you still won’t notice a difference in jumping.

Looking for a trampoline that’s going to let you jump around for a long time without getting bored? This one is going to help you with that as your best rebounder because it’s actually designed to keep you interested and working out with a fun DVD. Not only that, but it can be taken anywhere you want, which is really going to benefit anyone who wants to stay in shape but doesn’t want to go to the gym.


  • The best thing about this trampoline is that it’s easy to set up and easy to take down.
  • It’s 120 cm and is lightweight enough to carry but heavy enough that it holds itself down and won’t tip.
  • You also get a very low impact workout, which is great for those who have knee, hip or ankle problems and there’s a DVD included to help you understand the workout you really should be doing.
  • Plus it comes with a bar that easily attaches to provide you with a stable surface to lean on while you’re doing your workout.


  • The cords to hold the cover over the springs aren’t necessarily the best quality and sometimes they will snap, resulting in the springs showing while you bounce. Some people also have a few problems trying to fold down the legs when they want to transport so if you’re looking for easy disassembly this may not be the best rebounder for you.

If you want an all-in-one trampoline that’s going to get you a serious workout and also be super easy to transport then the MaXimus Pro Quarter is the best rebounder for you. It comes with everything you’ll need to have a great workout and it also lets you stay safe while you’re working. This is one of the best options from a great manufacturer of workout products that will help you get in shape and lose some weight too.


  • If you want to take your trampoline anywhere then this one is possibly the best rebounder because it not only is lightweight but it folds down into a small bag (also included) to make it easier to transport.
  • It also includes a bar for stability and balance and bands to improve your workout, which is all available on your included DVD.
  • The MaXimus Pro is also rated higher than most trampolines, capable of holding up to 300 pounds at one time and it’s 40” around, slightly larger than other options as well.
  • Sand weights are included to add resistance while you’re working out and the entire trampoline is designed to take up very little space and to never leave marks on your floors.


  • Some people have noticed a little squeaking when using the product because of the springs that are used to attach the mat to the frame. Others have also noticed that it can wobble a little if not put together properly or used on extremely flat surfaces.

The best rebounder if you’re looking for versatility and space is definitely going to be the Stamina InTone Oval Jogger. It’s designed to give you a much wider area to jump in, 45” wide by 33.5” long rather than the 36” round of the traditional Stamina version. It’s also designed with a whole lot of features in mind that you’re definitely going to love, once you get a chance to try it out for yourself anyway.


  • The best thing about this trampoline is definitely the size because it’s a little shorter than a traditional round trampoline but it’s definitely wider and that gives you more freedom for some of the exercises you want to do.
  • It also comes with a workout DVD, a handlebar with grips to hold onto easily and resistance bands as well.
  • Not only that but it’s large enough that you can not only jump on it but also lay on it for additional exercises.
  • There’s an electronic monitor at the base of the unit to let you know how many jumps you’ve done total, per minute and how long you’ve been working out as well as your calories burned.


  • On the downside you will need to clear more space for this unit because it’s going to need a lot more than some of the other options. Others have noticed also that it starts to wear out quickly and the give on the mat seems a little too loose.

What's a Rebounder


A rebounder can be considered as a mini trampoline used specifically for fitness and weight loss programs. Unlike the recreational trampolines, a rebounder is only used indoors and they are so small they could only accommodate one person at a time. They also have limited bounces and can only go up as high as three feet while recreational trampolines could go as high as 7-15 feet. The best mini trampolines can support up to 400 pounds. 

The rebounders are used in physiotherapy to improve muscle coordination. They are also very efficient in correcting back and joint pains. The best trampolines for fitness come in a package of the rebounder and additional workout videos containing various exercise routines for walking, jogging and others. Other than this, the best rebounders are usually made of high quality cord and steel spring. Some of the rebounders even have a bar that you can hold onto to help you stay in one spot and maintain your balance more easily while working out.

What is Lymphatic Drainage? 

Lymphatic drainage is most commonly known as lymphatic massage. It is a massage treatment performed in gentle, rhythmical movement to correct the circulation of the lymph fluid in the body. Through this function, lymphatic drainage activates a faster removal of toxins and harmful wastes in the body due to a sluggish lymphatic system. Basically, lymphatic drainage functions by reducing the amount of fluid and pressure build-up in the body to re-activate efficient circulation.

Lymphatic drainage has a lot of benefits aside from this. It is also used in avoiding post-surgery swelling and has been established as one of the most underrated ways in boosting one’s immune system. If you are curious about what other medical conditions could benefit from lymphatic drainage, here are some: 

  • Swollen limbs due to fluid retention or post-surgery
  • Breast cancer treatment
  • Lymphoedema
  • Lupus
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Recurrent infections (flu, sinusitis, tonsillitis, colds)

Typical lymphatic drainage sessions could last for 60-90 minutes depending on the condition of the person who needs it. This could be done twice a month. Other interventions follow the lymphatic drainage. Self-massage, simple exercises, compression bandaging and even skin brushing might be recommended on top of the lymphatic drainage to get the most out of it. 

Benefits of Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is part of the body’s general immune system that is why it is as important as all the other functions of the body. Since we have mentioned some of the benefits of rebounding in general and we also defined what lymphatic drainage is, it is but right for us to present some of the benefits of the best trampoline for fitness. 

The basic analogy between lymphatic drainage and rebounder is that there is no organ in the body that functions to circulate lymph and as an essential system, the lymphatic system only relies on muscle contractions to work against gravity allowing for the lymph to circulate. This is done when the body is in active mode and one of the best ways to do this is through rebounding. Fitness trampolines stimulate the lymphatic system’s one way valves without joint stress as body gravity fluctuates extremely from high-up and downwards.

Specifically, here are the benefits of rebounder for lymphatic drainage:

Easy on the limbs and joints

Unlike lifting, running and cardio exercises, rebounding is way easy on the limbs and joints. Research backs up this rebounding benefit in body fluid circulation saying that unlike other forms of exercise, there is more pressure balance in rebounding as the force is evenly distributed in the parts of the body as compared for example to running where much pressure is on the ankles causing more frequent injuries.

Contributes to healthier lymph flow

This is the most common benefit of rebounding and as we have mentioned, its link in healthier lymph flow has a direct impact in boosting our immune system through extreme changes in gravitational pull. Studies establish that landing from a fitness trampoline gives a sudden surge of lymphatic drainage causing lymph valves to open and stimulate lymph flow.


The lymphatic system is the point of metabolism and thus, of detoxification too. With rebounding, you are activating all the nodes that take up and dismiss dead cells, viruses and other biological junks. Rebounding provides an internal massage to lymph ducts. The rhythmic bouncing in rebounding has also found to be effective in normalizing our natural bowel movement and is most beneficial for people who are regularly suffering from constipation.

Reduces fluid retention

Fluid buildup in the body or usually in the skin is called edema. It causes unexplainable swelling in the legs, arms and ankles which is caused by inhibitors or clogs in the lymph nodes. Through rebounding, the body cavities and tissues where these fluid are retained will be loosened and thus, also stops swelling.

Improves skin health

Rebounding for lymphatic drainage also improves skin health and avoids the onset of cellulites. With its capacity to hasten healthy blood flow, the internal structure of the skin is retained. With this, signs of aging are delayed and specific skin conditions like eczema and acne are also avoided.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage


With these being said, here are some of the factors that you need to consider in buying the best rebounder for lymphatic drainage.

Frame - This is the first consideration because this is where quality and safety meet. If the frame is not built with quality materials, the rebounder will deteriorate easily in each bounce. Some rebounder frames will budge out a bit but this is not a problem because it will provide you a greater bouncing space. If the frame is not sturdy and if it squeaks with every bounce then that rebounder is not one of the best rebounder trampolines out there.

Mat - The quality of the rebounder’s mat shall determine the level of comfort of the user. High end rebounders are really quite the best fitness trampolines with this consideration because they allow you to bounce in them without shoes and without hurting your toes. Mid-range to low range rebounders shall require you to use shoes while you bounce on them.

Size - The average diameter of the best trampoline for fitness is around three to four feet. If a rebounder is advertised to have more than this diameter, you are being catfished and that is not a good fitness trampoline to choose since it would have smaller bouncing space.  Large versions are available though for taller and heavier people.

Spring type - You must know that there are two types of spring used in fitness trampolines; bungee cords and metal steel cords. Now this is important because you don’t want annoying noise from all these jumping up and down. Part of the shock absorption mechanism in the best fitness trampolines would be the spring that tapers to the end. Bungee cords are relatively more quiet but metal steel cords are cheaper and manufacturers have found a way to make them as quiet as bungee cords. Metal steel cords also are a notch up because they provide more firm bounces and less pressure on joints.

Foldability - Some mini trampolines fold while others don’t. If you are worried about the space it would take up if you will use it indoors or if you are someone who would consider bringing their fitness trampolines on the go, consider buying foldable ones. These types do not take up that much space in the home since you can fold them up afterwards for tidying. You can also pack them up and go if you wish to. But before you make your final decision, you have to know that some rebounders have more efficient fold and lock scheme so make that feature as a primary concern too.

Bounce - Just because it provides more and higher bounces would mean it is the best fitness trampoline. If you intend to use the rebounder for lymphatic drainage, the best trampoline for fitness with subtler bounces are the ideal ones. Rebounders with more bounce are meant for leisure or cardio routine so you have to be very wary about this one.

Cost - There are only two types of rebounders: the cheap ones and the expensive ones. It is on these rare occasions that we would suggest that you buy the ones with the best quality of materials. The best rebounders ensure safety so make sure that there are steel latches there. If you opt for rebounders with questionable materials, you are also submitting yourself to malfunction and injuries. You can get a simple rebounder for $100 but high-end ones can cost up to $600. Part of the cost is the warranty of course. The best rebounder for lymphatic drainage have longer warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does rebounding also aid inflammation?

When a part of the body is inflamed, they appear swollen and chances are, fluid retention might be there. Given these circumstances, yes, technically, rebounding also aid inflammation. Since lymphatic drainage by rebounding is known to drain out toxins in the body, rebounding is generally beneficial for a lot of chronic and non-chronic conditions.

Is rebounding a better alternative compared to walking? 

If we are measuring the number of calories burnt in rebounding and walking, rebounding burns more. A thirty minute rebounding session would burn up to 210 calories according to nutrition researches but the number of calories burnt in rebounding still depends to variables such as age, body type and the intensity of the therapy/training.

How fast do rebounding elevate lymph flow?

There is no measure as to the rate but what we know based on scientific research is that rebounding to facilitate lymphatic drainage increases lymph flow by 30 to 50 times.

Do all rebounders come with free workout videos?

As far as legit and quality rebounders are concerned, yes. They usually have an accompanying CD where you could find at least fifteen workout routines. This is the advantage of carefully choosing the best fitness trampoline for you because you are getting more than what you pay for from them.

How long does it take for rebounding to take effect on the body? 

With an aggressive therapy plan, you should see significant changes in your body in just three weeks of rebounding. Moderate therapy plans may take two months or more before it could have a dramatic effect on the body. Ultimately, it really depends on the condition that you have and of course the intensity of your therapy plan.

Are rebounders really that expensive? 

As we have said, it depends on what you will use it for. Rebounders for medical purposes like lymphatic drainage for example range from $100-750. Mini trampolines for cardio exercise would cost higher and large leisure trampolines for backyard fun would go as high as $1000-1300.

Is Bellicon a good rebounder? 

Cost-aside, yes. If you check the reviews about the best rebounder out there, this one is consistently on the list so that should be enough evidence. But it is expensive and it might shock you a bit. The regular size is at around $650 and the large version is at $730.


Overall, if you’re looking for the best rebounder for lymphatic drainage reviews for just about everything you may want to consider switching the traditional round for the oval shape of the Stamina InTone Oval. This one offers you a lot of additional options that none of the others do because it’s larger and able to complete more exercises.

You still get a lot of the features that the other options offer, like the resistance bands, handle bar and exercise DVD, but you also get the freedom to use it for any of your favorite exercises that you typically can’t do on a trampoline as well.

The best thing is definitely going to be the electronic monitor as well, which none of the other options have and will help you keep track of your exercise instead of just having to guess at what you’re actually accomplishing.

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