How to Clean a Trampoline?

Jumping on trampolines sounds very interesting and catches many loves of children as well as adult. However, have you thought of how to keep your trampolines cleaning? This task is not simple, requiring a little time to complete. As the ideal tool for a playing-yard outdoor, the trampolines will get dirty, dust and others, but it is not really too hard to have entire structure a great cleaning forever.

Why we need to clean trampolines?

To have great bounce on the trampoline, you need to ensure the trampoline parts always be in good condition. After repeatedly using, most of its parts may become worn and even broken, and when you jump on it without inspection or looking whatsoever the various components, you will get serious injuries, suddenly. Washing the apparatus regularly is good habit, allowing you to check your trampoline usually and make it safe to use.


Simple steps to clean trampolines

  • At the beginning, get rid of any extra trampoline add-ons or games that you have installed. They include trampoline pads, enclosure, mat, net, game covers, basket ball hoops (if have) or jumping boards. Also, look out for any worn or rusted trampoline components while you take the task.
  • When you complete the working platform lower, soak the whole trampoline pad with water from the hose. You need to have water drip with the pad, making certain you progress dwelling from dust or other materials that finish on the trampoline again.
  • For the entire trampoline pad and frame, you could make use of a large auto sponge or a clean kitchen mop drizzled with soap and water, giving trampoline a great scrub lower. In order to ensure the dirty water is certainly coming lower down, you should work in the top lower. Also, please remember never to mix using the clean water and the areas you have already cleaned. It will cause dirt again.
  • Keep attention on the springs and rings that attach the pad and the frame in sturdy way because this is the place that is very vulnerable for the grime and damage. However, you can see them more easily than other places. When you complete scrubbing, you can make certain to hose all cleaning soap off. You can make trampolines parts gradually each part to each part to ensure every place on the back-yard clean.

Handle cleaning way based on the type of trampolines

 1. Round and Rectangular trampolines


Round model is the traditional style of trampoline serious and it has the simplest way to clean. Just remove legs (one at a time), then drain any water that has accumulated. Check for signs of rust after whilst the leg off. Actually, the way to make them clean is the same as below:

  • When mowing the lawn, you should start from various sides by tipping it on instead of moving the trampoline sideways. By this way, you are able to allow water to drain out via their sleeve joints smoothly. Also, remove each leg to the end and check signs of rust. If it is OK, it’s time for you to replace legs or spray with a rust inhibitor. Don’t hesitate to replace with a new leg if rust has set in.
  • During the use time, either edges or corners of the trampolines should be sat on because their frame is designed to slightly flex. Due to that the frame could be to bend, any extra weight must deeply impact on the performance of trampolines and sometimes make them invariable to play. In case of that the trampoline’s frame does not seem to return to the original shape, you may exceed the weight limitations for your trampoline. This case is an evident of over-stretched springs.

2. Springs type

The first to remember is to occasionally apply rust inhibitor. When taking the cleaning task, if some springs are slightly over-stretched, you could relocate or swap with a spring from a less active area of your trampolines like near the corners to keep trampolines in balanced status. Also, if springs are more than slightly over-stretched, it is time for you to replace them with new parts. And more constantly springs are being over-stretched; you are able to exceed the weight limit for your trampoline.

3. Two string mats

This model has a simple construction and does not need so much complex steps to clean trampolines. Obviously, with this type. The mats will be utilized in a more special environment and more expensive than black poly mesh mat. You just see it be available in larger competition– size trampolines with more children or adults enjoying jumping on them. These mats require more maintenance and need to be painted again.

The time for water – based acrylic mats that are available from your local pain retailer is at least 12 months while it needs every 3 years for rubber based painted mats. When there has the UV rays affecting the top side of its mat, you are possible to get away with painting underneath side around every second year. Moreover, these mats make trampoline more responsive for that they have less resistance into the air. Plus, they do not forgive any black poly mesh mats. In addition, you had better have a string break because it is more difficult to repair than resisting the lack of mats.

Depending on the type of trampoline you are using, you can have the best way to make it clean. You need to remember that cleaning task is very important to save the maintenance as well as safety for the future use. Through this article, you can grab some handy tips to make the trampoline clean. Also, if you want to add more ways for it, let us know.

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Marykay Jame - July 13, 2021

I can’t find anything that refers to if your trampoline is sagging in one spot. It’s sagging all the way, half way down. because I think one of the grandkids jumped up and pulls on the top of the net. I don’t know how to fix that. Nobody seems to be referring to that in any of the internet posts or websites that I look. Is there anyway someone can help me determine how to fix that? Or anybody that you might know that can fix that? I’m in Glendale Arizona. My phone number is 602-405-4221 let me know what you have to think about this. I think I have someone that can do the repairs but not sure if I need a new net?? Or is there a way to to repair the top where the top came off?


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