How To Convert 170 Lbs To Kg? 3 Easy Ways To Do It Like A Pro

Are you searching for a method to convert 170 lbs to kg quickly? Do you fear math and find conversions and problem solving a complex process?

Relax, you don’t need to be a genius to solve this problem. In this post, I will present to you 3 easy methods on how to convert 170 lbs to kg the shortest time possible.

When you learn these methods, you can breeze through conversions like a pro. Once, you continue to learn other ways to solve conversions, learning the rest would be easy. You can become a Math Whiz in no time at all.

So, let’s now go to the three easy methods to convert 170 lbs to kg.

3 Easy Methods to Convert 170 Lbs to Kg

Method 1 – Use the Conversion Table

Out of the 3 methods, this is the easiest method because you don’t have to burn your brain cells. You only need the table, and you can convert 170 lbs to kg rapidly – without solving for anything.

Based on the table below, the conversion value in kilograms of 170 lbs is 77 kg. Obviously, you will have to bring with you the conversion table wherever you go. You can Xerox it into a lightweight paper so it becomes handy.

Method 2 – Ratio and Proportion

You can solve almost all problems using ratio and proportion, provided that you have to learn how to analyse the given accurately. This is one master method that you must learn if you want to solve conversion problems.

The steps are as follows:

Step #1 – Identify the given and the unknown

In the sample problem, the given is 170 lbs, and the unknown is the equivalent unknown weight in kg.

Step #2 – Find common value between lbs and kg.

The common value that most people know is that 1 kg = 2.2 lbs.

Step #3 – Create the formula

The formula must have the same values and units in the numerator, and also in the denominator.

1 kg / 2.2 lbs = (X) kg / 170lbs

Take note that both numerators are referring to the weight in kilograms, while the denominators are referring to the weight in pounds. Again, the units of the numerators must be the same; likewise with the denominators. You will obtain a wrong answer if the units are not the same.

It doesn’t matter whether kg or lbs come first. The important thing is that they should be the same units. Thus, if you want to make lbs your numerator, the units of the numerator in the opposite unknown equation must also be in lbs.

If they are not, then you have to convert the units to the similar units.

Step #4 – Cross multiply

2.2 lbs x (X) kg = 1 kg x 170 lbs

Step #5 – Isolate the unknown by transposing the known to the other side of the equation.

You can cancel out the 2.2 lbs to isolate X kg by dividing it with 2.2 lbs

Step #6 – Solve the resulting equation.

ANSWER: X = 77.27 kg or rounding it off to 77 kg

I have shown the long method because I want you to learn how the value 77 kg is derived using an equation.

Method 3 – Division

The shortcut procedure for this method is to simply divide the pounds by the value of 1 kg in pounds. Therefore: 170 lbs divided by 2.2 and you will obtain the value in kilograms.

Value in kilograms = 170 /2.2

ANSWER: kg = 77.27 kg or 77 kg

You can learn more from this video showing:


You can use these 3 methods in converting any metric unit of value to your desired unit, provided that you substitute them correctly in the equation. Consequently, you need to analyse problems correctly. When you get the hang of it, it would be as easy as counting from 1 to 10.

So, when buying a trampoline, you can convert its unit to have the best choice.

Your positive frame of mind in dealing with number problems is important as well. Eschew from your mind the idea that math is difficult. If you think you can do it – you can!

Feel free to give me a feedback about how you used the methods. Were you able to use them easily? You can leave a comment in our comment section.

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