How to Use a Double Bounce Trampoline

A double bounce trampoline can be a brilliant addition to your household’s collection, if you know how to use it properly. It’s one of the unique items that you can purchase as it can be used by both adults and children.

It’s an incredible outdoor equipment too that you can take advantage of during good weather conditions, when it’s great to play outside. You can start losing some of your calories, doing bounces every day.

What is a Double Bounce Trampoline?

A double bonce trampoline is a trampoline that uses a polypropylene double platform that can provide softer landings but double bounces. The impact upon landing is reduced but the bounce height is markedly increased. This structure is supported by four, sturdy legs with ground anchors to ensure stability and safety. It could also accommodate two jumpers simultaneously.

When there are two trampolinists, training should be done first by a qualified coach. This is because the risks of accidents increase when there are two people bouncing on the trampoline, such as collision and injuries. This is not advisable for beginners as it’s dangerous. It’s safer for only one person to use the trampoline at any given time.

Currently, there are no intensive studies about the effects of trampoline jumping on the body. But reportedly, there are benefits that jumpers claimed to have experienced. Hopefully, researchers would conduct clinical trials on this aspect in the future.

What Are the Advantages of Double Bounce Trampolines?

The advantages of the double bounce trampoline are:

  • Enhances immune system
  • Excellent way to exercise
  • Develops proper balance
  • Keeps heart healthy
  • Helps reduce weight
  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens muscles and bones
  • Enhances circulatory system
  • Helps in the efficient nourishment of body cells

How Do You Use a Double Bounce Trampoline?

Now, you know how important the double bounce trampoline is. However, to be able to gain all these benefits, you have to learn how to use it properly. To help you with this task, here are simple steps that you can follow.

Step #1 - Set up the trampoline properly and securely

Before starting with your bounces, ensure that the trampoline is set up properly and safely. The structure should be made of high quality materials and is enclosed and set on firm, sturdy floor.

Step #2 - Wear the appropriate attire

Wear clothing that you usually wear when doing sports, jogging or cycling. Remove all dangling or sharp accessories. You may wear your socks to protect the soles of your feet. Have a towel handy to wipe your sweat.

Step #3 - Position yourself properly

With your feet at least 6 inches apart start jumping on top of the trampoline. Your hands should be at your sides with your elbows bent. Your knees must be slightly bent too. You can use your arms to gain higher heights by spreading it on your sides as you jump.

Step #4 - Jump freely and enjoy

Keep jumping and bounce higher as you gain your momentum. Remember to stay at the center as much as possible and not to jump too near to the sides of the trampoline. You can hit the hard framework if you do so, and injure yourself. You can do 30 repetitions on your first try.

Pointers in Using a Double Bounce Trampoline

  1. If unsure of how to do it, you can ask a qualified coach to help you out.
  2. Always ensure safety at all times.
  3. You can perform your other exercises on the trampoline.
  4. Avoid bouncing with another person or a group of persons to prevent injury.
  5. Make sure that the trampoline’s surface is a safe distance away from the floor.
  6. Never allow very young kids to use the trampoline.
  7. Choose a trampoline that has been approved for safety, especially if children will be using it.


You have now learned how to use a double bounce trampoline. You can teach your children how to use this incredible structure safely. But you should be there to assist and guarantee that they are safe while having fun on the trampoline. Of course, one child at a time should use it and not simultaneously, unless they have been trained.

There are several benefits of using the trampoline, aside from those mentioned above, such as a reported prevention of cancer. As a sports buff, you may want to try it and find out if it works for you as well.

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