5 Great Holiday Destinations for Young Children

Traveling with young children is can be incredibly stressful, particularly if you’ve got another one on the way. Yet it provides invaluable bonding time with the children you already have which can be incredibly rewarding - if you find the right destination. This leads to the ultimate question - what is the right destination?

Choosing a holiday type will all depend on you and your family, and how you love to spend your free time. If you’re expecting there are plenty of suggestions online which recommend relaxing holidays such as sight-seeing and coastal breaks. If not your options are much broader, you may like to travel somewhere hot and exotic, go all-inclusive, and spend their time relaxing around the pool, making the most of the on-site amenities and activities, and getting involved in the evening entertainment.

 Alternatively, your family may prefer something quieter - maybe in the countryside somewhere, where they can explore the woodlands and hidden beaches to their heart's content. Whatever your preference, here are five great suggestions for holidays with young children to give you some ideas. 

1. Disneyland Paris


If you're looking for a holiday destination that offers non-stop magic and excitement for kids and adults alike, then Disneyland Paris should definitely be on your list. With over 50 different attractions to choose from, along with spas, sports, shows and shops, there really is something for every age group and every interest. Consider term time travel if you have younger children so that you miss the peak time crowds.

2. Isle of Wight


The Isle of Wight is very much an underestimated and overlooked treasure, just off the south coast of England. The two most iconic attractions of this magical island are Blackgang Chine and the Needles. Blackgang Chine has a certain charm to it, which has only been amplified by part of it falling away into the sea. It is aimed especially at younger children (think under 10s), and is something all kids should experience! Alum Bay and the Needles is a tourist hotspot with fantastic views, offering the opportunity to watch glass blowing, go on funfair rides, and fill glass shapes with colored sand. The island also boasts a steam railway, Carisbrooke Castle, and Dinosaur Isle... amongst many other attractions.

3. Lapland


What better way to build upon the magic of Christmas than to take the children to Lapland! Meet Father Christmas, experience husky sledging, ride a sleigh pulled by reindeer, try your hand at a variety of snow sports, and try to spot the Aurora Borealis. A truly magical experience for all ages, and one that the children will talk about for years to come. This truly is the trip of a lifetime whether you celebrate Christmas or not, and Finland is such a beautiful country that there will be plenty to experience further afield.

4. Balearic Islands


The Balearic Islands, especially Majorca and Menorca, are a popular tourist destination for British families. Not only are the islands relatively cheap to visit, but they also offer the best of everything - fantastic sandy beaches and secluded bays, a deep level of history and culture, and a magnitude of family-friendly attractions, which are a given at most tourist hotspots. Grab the sun, go swimming in the crystal waters with the fish, and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

5. Cornwall, Dorset and Devon


Whilst these are three separate counties, they are quite often rolled into one - depending on how far along the coast you would like to go! The South West coast of England is a simply stunning region and a popular destination for many across the UK. There are beautiful sandy beaches with old fashioned donkey rides, perfect waves for surfing, and quaint little villages to have a potter through. It is such a relaxing area to visit, and it is full of culture, diversity, and an idyllic way of living.

Traveling with Young Children

Choosing a holiday is rarely easy because there is so much on offer, and taking children with you can make it a whole lot harder. The first thing to consider is whether you want to go abroad.

If so, do you like the heat? Maybe you want to go skiing or partake in other snow sports? The distance of travel is another thing to consider with young children. Journeys by road ideally need to be broken up, and no children really like long haul flights. Make sure there's plenty of activities for your children to partake in on your holiday, whether it's kids' clubs, swimming, or simply getting stuck into nature.

Most importantly of all, pack loads of snacks and be prepared to have lots of fun!

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