Top 6 Choices for the Hill Climb Racing Best Vehicle

In this post, I will present to you the top choices for the hill climb racing best vehicle, and the health advantages of the sport. Hill Climb Racing has become popular because it’s a thrilling and adventurous sport to play. In this motor sport, drivers compete against the clock to hurdle an uphill course.

There are choices of vehicle that drivers can choose from. They can use a motorcycle or a Grand Prix car. This is in actual hill climbing competitions. While it’s a challenging and interesting sport; it’s also an extremely dangerous one, where the driver can figure in an accident.

Reportedly, the SCV motocross car has climbed higher than the other types of cars and has won in 10 occasions. Thus, it can be considered as the best vehicle for actual hill climb racing.

Health Advantages

Any type of sport including hill climbing can provide physical and mental exercises to keep you fit and healthy. It could also significantly develop your reflexes because you have to stay alert every second of the game. The sport could also sharpen your cognitive skills because you have to think on your feet as you solve how to maneuver the course safely and properly.

Hill Climb Racing Game

Perhaps, the danger of the actual sports has prompted some enterprising gamers to come up with the Hill Climb Racing Game. This game was an instant hit, being downloaded more than a 100 million times online.

For each of the stages, the player has various best vehicles to choose from. These are considered the best vehicles for each type of terrain.

1. Countryside Stage

Although, most vehicles can climb the countryside terrain, the Monster Truck 2156m and the Dune Buggy 2223m can race more smoothly and speedily than the rest. The Jeep 2154m is the third alternative. You can successfully and speedily climb the hills using these vehicles because they are especially powered and geared towards country roads even at extremely high speed.

2. Arctic Stage

For this kind of icy and gelid uphill roads, the Snow Mobile 2563m would naturally be the best vehicle. This is because it can plow through snow and arctic weather. The Quad Bike 2431m and the Dune Buggy 3219 could also be used in an arctic terrain. These vehicles are best in this setting as they can go at full speed without being easily stopped on their tracks.

3. Highway Stage

This is one of the easiest roads to hurdle since all your vehicle would require is gas. Examples of these vehicles are: The Super Diesel 4x4 9047m, the Kiddie Express 18028m, the Racecar 32037m and the Truck 14678m. All these vehicles can conquer the highway course with ease.

4. Moon Stage

The course in this stage can be tough to handle because of its atmosphere. You can drive the Rally Car 1090m, or the Tank 1253m, or the Monster Truck 1111m. These three vehicles can handle the unique course in the moon stage. Naturally, you can choose other vehicles and experiment with them. You may find one that you can easily maneuver.

5. Beach Stage

The sand dunes can be difficult to handle, but it’s easier to drive in a beach because most of the obstacles are only sand dunes. Your first choice, most probably, is the Dune Buggy 4357m. However, you can also drive the Tank 5694m, or the truck 12338m. They can also handle the sandy course.

6. Mudpool Stage

It would be tricky to tackle this course, but you can successfully do so using the Dune Buggy 2266m. Another alternative is the Tank 2023m, which could also overcome this muddy stage. You may also want to drive the Big Finger 2142m, which is ideal in overcoming slippery and muddy type of paths. These best vehicles could finish the course for you.

As there are numerous vehicles you can choose from, you could explore what you can drive easily under any circumstances. But take note that there’s no single vehicle that you can use effectively in all of the stages. You have to change vehicles every now and then.


These are the hill climb racing best vehicle choices you may want to consider. Take note that no matter what type you engage in, whether it’s the actual hill climb racing sport or the hill climb racing game, you would benefit from both activities.

The actual sport can provide you a means to physically exercise, while the online game can reduce the risk of injuring yourself; both can sharpen your reflexes and cognitive skills. Additionally, they can keep you fit and healthy in mind and in body.

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