What Differences between Home Trampoline and Gymnastics Trampoline?

In general, jumping on the trampoline is very interesting and be loved by all people at every age. It brings a lot of benefits of health, skill as well as education. Thanks for it, you are able to create an active playing ground for your families and workout chance for yourself.

In the last topics, we mentioned different fields of using trampoline from types, shapes, benefits and others. Today, we will say something about differences between home trampoline and gymnastics trampoline. There are some highlight points including types of trampoline, purposes, users, environment, how to use.


Which types of trampoline to play?

Regarding playing on the trampoline, various manufacturers provide a huge range of types on the market like SkyWalker, Springfree, or AirZone. They also offer different sizes and types that are suitable for users’ purpose. For example, if you want to buy the trampoline for your kids, you should buy one that is equipped with an enclosure to ensure their safety. Or for workout purpose, people usually use mini trampoline for just a person on it to jump, make high rebound or complicated tricks.

As usual, we use trampoline for our families to enjoy at home outdoor and even indoor. Thus, there are more options with different types, sizes of the apparatus for us to choose. However, at gym class, gymnastics trampoline is mini trampoline (rebounder) – the primary equipment for user to jump on it. In case members want to have a trampoline for their group to jump or join once time, they will have a trampoline with very large size.

Purpose of jumping on the trampoline?

Because rebounding on the trampoline is very good for health, coordination and skill, you can use it for each target. To have workout routine, burning calories and help body slime, you will choose jumping on the trampoline at gym class where you have more encouragement to follow the weight-loss program. However, there are some people who do not have time to join in gym class and use the trampoline at home as a witness equipment. Thus, at home you can use the trampoline for multiple purpose: recreation activity, daily workout and outdoor apparatus for your families.

Users who play on the trampoline

Using the trampoline at home, you are totally possible to let your children, families play on it. As usual, for recreation activity, your kids have chance to enjoy great bouncing and build up their balance skill. It is concluded that users playing on the trampoline at home can be you, your kids, and families at any ages. Meanwhile, adults usually take part in gym class to follow their exercise program.

You can find different age group at gym club but they are might be adults, ensuring to follow intensive training. Obviously, even though you jump on the trampoline at home for workout routine, the intense is different from that at gym class. Here, you can find a lot of people who have same purpose including improving health, muscle or process weight-loss program and more. Therefore, it is easy to share experience and skill to enhance everybody. Besides, experts who teach you how to do complicated rebound not only jogging or walking on the trampoline are willing to help you. Besides, they will guide and lead you to the necessary speed for your last target.



Environment is very important for anybody to join any creative activities. It is the same if you want to help your kids and families enjoy interesting moments when playing on the trampoline. When you use the trampoline at home, you can let your kids under your supervision for their safety. Moreover, you are able to jump with them, doing beautiful bouncing and being happy together. Hence, you get success in bring an awesome playing ground for members of your family.

If you find a comfortable or happy moment when rebounding on the trampoline right at home, it is certain for you to get hard and serious program once joining trampolining’s program. However, it is necessary because this encourages club members to follow and reach their last purpose more quickly.

How to jump on the trampoline

According to the users playing on the trampoline, the skill can be differently required. For jumping on this apparatus at home, you need to teach your kids how to prepare before processing, how to jump in the right way from very basic steps and how to land on the trampoline or out of it when finishing the rebound. This is basic foundation for any jumpers to learn. Be higher when you want to do some tricks like front flip, back flip or more difficult jumps. While using the trampoline at home, you can find various ways to do nice jump on it and master them.

But use the trampoline at gym class, it requires you the speed or intense not the complication of jumps. For example, walking is very effective to help you lose weight if you can process it from 30 minutes. Therefore, you are recommended to follow a workout routine for long time or gradually faster speed. They are more beneficial for you to do if you are finding a good way to do exercise.

In conclusion, using the trampoline at home is different from that at gym class. For each case, there have sectors suitable for your case, thus you can review before catching one. Buying a trampoline for your families and doing great jumping at home is a good idea while joining a trampoline’s gymnastic class is ideal when you want to follow a workout routine.

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Duane Figueroa - December 15, 2016

Really an informative post regarding Trampolines, the difference between a home and gymnastic trampoline is clearly pointed out. I wish it would be more pleasant if you have added a video to your blog.

    Paul - December 21, 2016

    Thanks for your feedback! I will note this.

    Jake Gigstad - December 23, 2019

    Tools that use tension bands are preferable; the rebound is stronger, and they are much quieter. Other mini trampolines may use elastic cords whose performance is similar to tension bands.

    Angel Rudack - February 1, 2020

    Some mini trampolines are noisy no matter what you do. Some even get noisier due to the constant wobbling motion if they are cheaply made.

Trampoline Coach - December 23, 2021

The main diff between Regular trampoline and gymnastic trampoline is :

Regular trampoline beds provide relatively little air passage. Springs often give a stiff bounce. On average, athletes cannot do more than one rotation safely.

The springs and beds used in gymnastic trampolines are of very high quality. The bed is more porous. Springs have a higher initial tension but give the bed a softer bottom. Therefore a trampoline allows the athlete to jump much higher for the same maximum force. Top athletes can safely do three rounds.
Thanks for the information.


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