How to Assemble a Trampoline Easily?

Today, the trampoline has become an interesting game, especially for families with young children. You can create an exciting space for your kids where they have fun with a round trampoline that does not require too much space. You can be additional external components and mesh ball for added excitement for them.

In addition to creating a children’s playground, trampoline is a place for adults to relieve stress, taking muscle movement when most of working conditions are now fully makes people become more and more passive. And in fact, trampoline also quite easy to assemble and use at home. You can assemble it by yourself which usually come inside the toolbox.

Although there are many kinds of trampoline, the way to assemble it is the same. So if you first set up it, you can follow some tips.

Despite some challenges, the process of assembling a trampoline is virtually identical in all models. When you buy a trampoline, a guidebook may provide us all of instructions. However, to give you an idea, here is a step by step guide you can follow.


1. Choose a Place to Assemble Trampoline

Be sure to assemble the trampoline in an area that you want to use it. Remember that relocating a trampoline was set up is quite difficult and requires some hand to keep all the points of the frame to keep it flat. For the trampoline to work correctly, all the parts should remain well attached and equip after relocation. The location you choose to assemble your trampoline also contributes to fulfill it.

2. Check all Parts

Before assembling, remove all the parts from the box and neatly put them out on a flat surface. Let sure to group together all the parts. Be careful when handling the parts, though. Some are quite small and can be easily misplaced. You also check how many parts a trampoline has. a basic trampoline usually has springs, legs for base section, jump pads and spring projector.

3. Get Familiar with the Parts

If you know the parts of the trampoline, you can easily put them together. Depending on the manufacturer, the trampoline is different parts of the structure. But generally, the basic structure consists of a frame of the trampoline rails, base section of legs, and leg extensions. In addition, it also has springs, frame pads, elastic ring.

4. Assemble the Frame


Now that you are familiar with trampoline parts, you can begin to make the frame.

  • First, gather the top rails, the base of leg, and leg extensions.
  • Then, connect the leg extensions to both ends of the base of the legs, making a leg assembly like W-line. Complete the process until you have joined all leg extensions onto the base leg.
  • Next, connect both ends of the legs assembly to the top rail using a T-connector. The head of the T-connector should be inserted into the socket of the top two rails, while the horizontal head should fit into the legs.
  • Continue to attach the top rails and the legs to complete cluster round the frame of the trampoline. Once assembled, the frame must stand on its own.
  • Then, starting with springs at four points of the frame, ensuring an equidistant point.

5. Mounting Spacer of Frame

Start by inserting the modules with elastic string through the hole of the frame pads. Then place each spring tab on the frame, allowing conversions to go around elastic spring and attached to the frame. When all spring is attached, the trampoline ready for use.

Although the instructions on the can help you assemble your trampoline, it is best to read and follow the manual that came with your trampoline. Your trampoline can have the parts and assembly techniques that are specific models.


You maybe need some following tools to set up your trampoline:

  • An electric screw driver may assemble faster, so you can save your time.
  • You must have a pulling equipment to connect the strings
  • You will have rubber mallet for installing the springs when completing the trampoline.

In summary, the installation must comply with the wizard in the accompanying documentation. The reason is that with each trampoline, there may be some differences in detail. You can see parts of the trampoline being more detailed and feel difficult to assemble them together. But let’s try in the first steps. When fitting a few details, you will have excitement to continue and complete it. Once you complete the assembly of the spring, you can use the trampoline immediately. This is a kind of entertainment with a reasonable cost and it really offers many benefits.

However, after fully assembled trampoline, you should try some mild exercises firstly to test the elasticity of canvas and springs. This will help you adjust the springs when your kids jump too much on trampoline so that they would not be dislodged.

Wish you enjoy a fun atmosphere when joining in this campaign game with your family or friends!