How to Choose a Baby Swing for a Small Apartment

Newborns are blessings indeed, but for new parents, it is a big responsibility. You cannot leave them for a second because of the fear of ‘if anything wrong happens’.

In that case, a very smart solution is getting a baby swing. Now you may think you have a small apartment where you will fit a big baby swing, and it is costly too.

That is why, in this editorial, you’ll discover how to choose a baby swing for a small apartment. Besides this, you’ll also learn what you should consider before getting a baby swing for your small spaces.

The Solution for Small Houses: Compact Baby Swing

The compact baby swing is the best solution for small houses. It’s the smaller version of a full-size baby swing, but it performs equally. It’s cost-effective, as well.

It’s designed to save space, and most of the compact swings are portable too. Here are some key differences between a full-size swing vs compact baby swing.

Full-Size Baby Swing vs Compact Baby Swing

Here are some of the key differences between a full-size baby swing and a compact baby swing.

Full-size Baby SwingCompact Baby Swing

Takes a huge space

Takes a tiny space
Superior swinging powerAlmost the same swinging power

Has multiple swing modes

Most of them have only one swing mode
Requires experts to set upAnyone can set it up
Too expensiveComparitively inexpensive

We hope now you can see the differences and decide which one you should choose. Another thing about the swinging modes, there are several models available that have multiple swinging modes.

How to Choose a Baby Swing for a Small Apartment

Finally, it’s time for some real tips. We recommend you to get a compact swing if you have a small apartment. It’ll be a smart choice for you. Inexpensive, easy to set up, portable all features in a nutshell.

Now, how to consider a baby swing as best for your home? Well, here are some key points that’ll help you to find out a smart, compact baby swing according to your need.

Without further due, let’s get into it!

1. Comfortability

A newborn baby won’t lay in the swing if it’s not comfortable. They’ll start crying. So, make sure the swing you are choosing has a big soft, and thick padded cushion.

However, make sure the padding is removable because once your baby starts growing, you need to remove the padding.

This should be wide enough and spacious so that your baby can lay properly on the cushion. It should be able to make your baby fall asleep.

2. Portability and Size

After reading the comfortability section, you may think you need a big swing. However, it’s true but make sure it’s a portable swing. Portable means foldable and lightweight.

If it’s portable, then you can carry it anywhere with you. Another thing, consider your space as well. The swing should adjust easily in your house, so before buying one, check the measurement too.

3. Safety Precautions

Well, we should have discussed it earlier, safety first. Before getting a swing, make sure it doesn’t flip over. If you made up your mind to get a ‘specific model,’ then check its history, ask a user about it.

Nowadays, the best way to find it out is, checking reviews online, so don’t forget to do that. Got it, right?

We will recommend you check if your preferred model has a 5-point harness system and JPMA certification. For newborns and less than a year old, get a swing that has a reclining feature.

4. Weight Limit

Weight is something that you should consider seriously. If you’re planning to use it till your baby grows up to 20 months old, then go for a swing that has a 25-30lbs or more weight limit.

However, if you don’t want to use it in the long run, then you can choose with less weight limit.

5. Side to Side or Front to the Backswing

Before choosing based on the swing mode, make sure you know that-

Side to side will require more space cause of side by side moving. So, if you have tight space, then front to back swing is best for you.

6. Easily Cleanable

A swing is a thing that will be used by your child in the long run, so if it’s uncleaned and unhygienic, then your baby will be sick.

So, make sure the seat cover is removable and machine washable so that you can clean it on your washing machine.

So, if your chosen swing doesn’t have a removable seat cover and machine washable seat fabric, then don’t, we repeat, DON’T goes for it.

7. Entertainment Features

If your swing cannot entertain your baby, then it’s not the best one! The best baby swing should have features like music systems, mirrors, toys, or all of it.

Some swings also have bells and whistles (which are common in full-size swings) to entertain your child.

However, swing speed is also important. Make sure it has adjustable speed settings to keep your baby in a motion, which will make them fall asleep if it has a vibration feature (like massaging chair), then it will be an extra advantage.

8. Pricing and Adjustability

Basically, the compact swing is inexpensive than full-size swings. However, a good quality compact swing may cost you around $$$.

Just to save some bucks, do not get something that is not safe and sturdy. Instead, get something that will take a few more bucks but assures 100% safety.

The swing you have chosen should be easy to set up and easily moveable. It will make your life a lot easier, like while cooking, you can set it in a safe position from where you can see him.

Final Verdict

According to us, a baby swing isn’t something that you can buy once in a year, so you should invest in the best compact baby swing, which will work for years.
We hope now you know how to choose a baby swing for a small apartment. So, get the perfect one for your child and make yourself free to relax or focus on other works! Happy Parenting!

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