How to Do a Front-flip on a Trampoline?

In the last post, we have introduced how to do a Backflip on a trampoline. For this part today, we will share how to do Front-flip on the trampoline. You can have a new way to enjoy jumping and bouncing on the apparatus, making the recreation activity more and more exciting.

For any reasons, you need to make sure of the safety when doing front-flip on trampoline. There are many comments that the extra bounce provided by the trampoline does not make the flip easier. Moreover, it gives you many psychological benefits of making you feel safer without any fear of falling as well as hurting yourself.

Preparation: to process a great front flip on a trampoline, you should do this preparation step.

Let your body warm-up and do slight movements. At first, bending and rolling your ankles and wrists to stretch out them. Then, rotate your neck and stretch it, also, from this side to another. And lift your leg behind your back, at the same time touch your ankle and pull up to stretch the hamstrings.

Now you can follow these steps to do your beautiful a front-flip on a trampoline

  • Step 1: At first, to prepare for a flip, you need to know a tuck jump and practice it many times. To process this jump, you have to suck your knees to chest while in midair, but try not to lose your balance condition. Then, stop piking your legs and land on the surface quickly. It is necessary to do this repetitively until you are comfortable with doing it.
  • Step 2: You’d better start the front-flip by doing handstands on trampoline. It could take about 2 days for you to fall over handstand onto your back or bottom. And then, keep doing handstands but falling over at faster speed. To get accustomed with this action, you need to do it about 1-2 weeks. When you see that you can work well, it is possible to do it by jumping in the air several times then taking a handstand.
  • front-flipStep 3: Afterwards, try doing this without your hands but you need to be as fast as possible to make sure of a good preparation for your flip. If not, jump higher than normal. Also, remember to put your hands down when doing a handstand, and do it for some times. Regarding landing on trampoline, you need to jump high in to the air and then land on your feet, keeping this task for about one week.
  • Step 4: Go to the next step, you can try a flip and land on your back or bottom. Get a little bounce and remember not to jump so high for it. Also, if you still feel scared, you should try slightly titling your head and side during the flip. Then, you could land on the surface as you wish. In case you find yourself moving forward much during flip, you are likely to take off sooner. It means that you are processing your front-flip so earlier that your flip can be outwards, not just upwards the surface.
  • Step 5: Doing a front-flip. The front-flip is longer means that you are likely to successfully attempt it. Until you have a jump at medium level, you will see the trampoline pushing you upwards and pushing your arms toward, letting your chest to drop at the same time. Don’t leave the surface immediately, instead of that perform a pike at Step 1 and let your head down. However, do not hold this position longer than a half of a second and turn the normal movement.
  • Step 6: With this trick jumping, you should focus on how to land on trampoline. You have more time to spot your landing and make it adjustable accordingly. Besides use your hands to help you correct your position, at the same time put your hands in front of you if you are under flipped.
  • Step 7: Remember to keep your legs bent and feet flat when you are going to go to land. It is possible to land on your bottom or your feet but fall onto your bottom. It requires about 3 months to master this action.
  • Step 8: If you have to use your hands when landing your feet, you can change that by leaning forward a small bit. Now you are able to land on your feet and be leaning forward in order not to fall backwards, for more safety.
  • Step 9: In case you can land on your feet but not fall back, the front-flip trick is more beautiful. Do not keep your legs locked because it will cause a serious injury. Thus, try to keep your legs straight while flipping and then bending them slightly right on landing.

Many people believe that doing a backflip is more difficult than front-flip. However, to do a front-flip on a trampoline in the right way as well as keep yourself safe is not easy at all. You can take these steps above and have a good preparation to successfully do front-flip.

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