How To Keep Your Kids Safe When Playing On A Trampoline?

Kids love summer outdoor activities including swimming, playing in the park or playground equipment and jumping on the trampoline. It is a reality that kids love playing and jumping on trampolines.

As parents, if your kids are using a trampoline, there are safety precautions you must be aware of to keep your children safe when playing on a trampoline.

How To Keep Your Kids Safe When Playing On A Trampoline?

Jumping, playing and doing acrobatic stunts on a trampoline is a source of fun for children. Unfortunately, there are threats and possible injuries that may arise from playing on a trampoline and children are prone to those.

In fact, there is no known safest trampoline, thus children who want to play on a trampoline must continue to enjoy it and be safe. The following are key safety tips you must know to keep your children safe while jumping on a trampoline.

1. Do not Install The Trampoline Close to Fences, Poles, or Trees

When installing the trampoline, make certain you have a security perimeter of around ten or more feet around your trampoline, and it must be far from trees, fences, walls or poles.

When kids jump too high and fall off the trampoline, the existence of plants, trees, garden furniture, walls, poles and the like increases the severity of accidents and injuries.

Installing the trampoline farther from these structures is doing a favor for your children by making the environment safer for the kids to have fun.

2. Assess If all of The Bolts are Well Tightened and The Springs are in Position before Playing

The trampoline springs along with the mat unite to produce the appropriate tension to allow you to bounce when you leap. To allow your children to bounce high, the spring should be tight.

Check if all of the springs are appropriately fixed in place. Springs ought to be completely intact and firmly attached at both ends.

Hanging springs can lead to injuries in the event of an accident. If some springs deteriorate and become too stretched or corroded, you want to get a replacement with great quality and repair it appropriately.

3. Install Safety Paddings That can Cover The Steel Frame, Hooks and Springs

Your kids may land onto the steel framework, springs or perhaps hooks if they are uncovered.

Make sure to install an efficient safety pad on the trampoline. Also, the trampoline ought to be in good shape and appropriately installed and positioned.

Thus, when shopping for trampolines, purchase those models that come with safety pads and covers frames, hooks and springs. Also, ensure the color of the safety pads are contrasting to the mat and frame.

4. Purchase High Quality Safety Nets That will Enclose or Surround Your Trampoline

When shopping for your kids’ trampoline, consider purchasing models that feature trampoline safety nets and inclusive of its design. Otherwise, you may buy a separate durable safety net.

Purchasing a trampoline safety net ensures the prevention of your child from falling off, hitting the ground or hard elements such as the frame or spring. Moreover, before your kids can play on the trampoline, make sure to install a safety net and enforce safety rules.

5. Make Sure Your Children Don't Jump Too High

Kids are constantly more likely to utilize the trampoline all of the time. Regrettably, they may land incorrectly when they lose control while leaping. To prevent this, always instruct them to restrain their leaping and keep it low, particularly if they're beginners.

If they're tired, they should take a break for quite a while prior to jumping again.

6. Get Rid of all Threatening Sharp Objects, Toys, or Jewelry before Jumping on The Trampoline

Sometimes, children forget to take off their jewelry or get rid of any small toys from their pockets before jumping on the trampoline. Please remind your child to remove all their jewelry and other objects they have before using the trampoline.

Moreover, jewelry may injure them when it falls off and eventually step on them. To avoid unnecessary injuries, make sure to remove all jewelry and other objects in their pockets before playing on the trampoline.

7. Discourage, Prevent, or Prohibit Children from Doing Somersaults

Somersaults and acrobatic stunts are highly discouraged as your children may get neck and head injuries and other severe injuries (fractures to the elbow, wrist, forearm, etc.)

Invite your children to a neighborhood trampolining course to find out new trampolining abilities which range from the fundamentals of landing to complex moves like somersaults.

So until the kids are well trained and highly proficient, they shouldn't attempt it on your.


Now that you have taken notes of the trampoline safety precautions, it is time to put those tips into action. Make a checklist of the tips we provided and implement the safety precautions. These precautions guarantees that your kids are safe when playing on the trampoline, and their environment or playground is safe.

Playing on a trampoline can be a cause of a slip and fall accident. Thus if you’re afraid about your kids’ safety, you may click here to brief yourself of the legal implications of this subject.

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Casdale - February 2, 2020

Even though the naysayers will always have us believe that trampolines are death traps, trampolines in themselves have never injured anyone its how we use it that actually cause accidents.


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