Tips on How to Lose Baby Fat

Being a mother comes with a lot of joys and extras. And one of the extras is the baby fat. So annoying, right? But the good news is that it is totally possible to lose this extra weight.

With the tips below, you should be back to your old self within no time.

However, it may take longer for some but hey, it took you nine months to stock up on the weight to give it a break and be patient.

Eat for One But Drink for Two

I remember after the birth of my first born, my mother fed me like a pig. I had meals served every three hours and did I mention meals started at exactly 6 am. I had a flask full of hot milk and another one full of bone soup to be taken after every breastfeeding session. My life basically revolved around eating and drinking hot fluids. Not only did I not lose the baby fat as I intended but I added a couple of kgs.

Honestly, who came up with this Eat for Two myth. It’s a pure lie!

How much you eat does not determine how much milk you have. Breastfeeding is a natural mechanism that operates on demand and supply. The amount of milk produced will be determined by the demand of the milk.

Let me explain in simple terms. The more your baby breastfeeds the more your body produces milk to meet the demand. And the less your baby breastfeeds the less milk your body produces because the demand is low.

So what you need most are fluids to hydrate your body because your body will require a lot of fluids to make the milk. Even taking just plenty of water is okay so long as you eat a balanced diet and take at least 3 meals a day. You only need an extra 300 calories.

Eat Healthily

Don’t expect to lose post delivery weight when you are packing up on those junks. If you must bite on something, let it be something healthy. It is very normal to feel starved in between meals especially if your baby is a heavy feeder. You can stock up on nuts, fruits, fresh vegetables, yogurt or a smoothie. Not only will they help you not add unnecessary weight, but they are also beneficial for your baby.

As always all your meals must be healthy balanced meals both for the sake of your baby and you.Also, observe portion controls but don’t deny yourself food, just listen to your body. You don’t have to eat if you don’t feel hungry as well. And you don’t have to clear a full plate.

Take Walks

For a new mom, it is pretty normal to stay a whole week without stepping out of your door. Of course the first few weeks you won’t be able to move around so much but the movement is important. Those short walks from one corner of the house to the other really do help. Start slowly as you build up. Don’t strain yourself and don’t overdo it.

Once you are healed, you can start taking short walks outside the house. Like in the mornings or evenings, you can do a 20-minute walk. Then as you get used to, you can start jogging and eventually running.Just walking alone can make so much difference to your weight.


Breastfeed, Breastfeed, Breastfeed

Breastfeeding in itself is an activity that requires energy. Actually breastfeeding burns up to approximately 850 calories a day! This may seem a lot but for a breastfeeding mother, that would mean you getting hungrier fast. So what you snack on during those hungry moments matters.

Breastfeeding can help lose weight only if coupled with healthy snacking and healthy meals.

Breastfeed as often as possible. You can even express and store for later use.


There is no exact recommended time to start post delivery exercise but it shouldn’t be before 6 weeks post delivery. But largely it all depends on your body. So before you start any exercise, ensure that your doctor has given you a go ahead.

Those who give birth naturally (Vaginal Birth) can start exercising early since their bodies heal faster.

You can start exercising at home then slowly progress to hitting the gym if you have someone to leave your baby with. If you were doing any exercises during your pregnancy, it will be easier for you to kick off.

For indoor post pregnancy exercises, look up on YouTube or Google. There are also Apps with good post pregnancy exercises. You can also get a personal trainer to be coming to your home if you can afford it.

Don't Buy New Clothes

This will motivate you to get back in shape. Stick with the clothes you already have. I know it can be frustrating perusing through clothes just to find a decent dress to at least goes to the store. Use this frustration as a motivation to lose the baby fat.This trick works all the time. And it’s exciting to finally fit into your old clothes.

All in All

Don’t obsess too much about shading the baby fat. Your biggest task right now is to take care of your baby. Go for what works for you and keep at it. So long as you lose more calories than you consume, the baby fat should drop.

Daisy Chepkoech is a passionate mom, wife, Freelance Blog Writer and Social Media Manager. She is also the Marketing Director at Dake Business Solutions. Daisy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Technology from Maseno University.

Daisy Chepkoech
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