How to Put the Trampoline in the Ground?

There are many way to use a trampoline for your family and your friends. You can use it indoor or outdoor according to the shape, size, weather condition and your purpose. Especially, it is also possible to put the trampoline right in your ground, not only for your kids but also adults including dad and mom have chance to enjoy it.

In the previous articles, we just show you how to use a trampoline, how to select the best one or how to make tricks on using it. In order to utilize these things, we also put the trampoline in the ground to have great bounce in a certain location.

Why We Put the Trampoline in the Ground?


Actually, putting the trampoline in the ground is seen as a creative way to let jumpers enjoy their great bounce. Besides, this ideal way allows you to use the ground and turn it into a play-backyard for every to play at once. Nowadays, sinking the trampoline in the garden is more and more popular with a huge range of advantages.

  • At first, the trampoline put into the ground is less obvious and visible thus it will not spoil the look of your house as much as usual.
  • Secondly, with this type of the apparatus, it is not necessary to have a trampoline with safety enclosure net because the distance from the surface to the land is zero. This will help you keep your jumpers in safe conditions while saving much money. Also, your kids can play without your supervisors for less assistance themselves and less risk of falling out.
  • Because it is certainly attached to the ground, you are not necessary to move the trampoline due to avoid any damage to the grass underneath or when you want to do gardening.

What We Need to Do to Put the Trampoline in the Ground?


Select the suitable trampoline from size, shape and color: When it comes to size of the trampoline, it is large enough to fit the space available for your family to use the trampoline. As usual, you could need a space about 1 meter around the trampoline that is put into the ground as a safe location. Also, make sure that the area you have chosen must be dug to an adequate depth. About the shape and color, the most common trampoline is round as these naturally gravitate the jumper to the center of the apparatus. This will be the safest environment and at the same time the most powerful spot to make great bounce on it. In order to make your backyard more interesting, you could use a contrasting color for the spring padding because it will be clear for everyone to know where is the end of your garden and the start point of the trampoline.

Prepare the sunken trampoline site: It means that you have to mark the area you will excavate for the task. It should be as exact as possible because when you put the trampoline on the hole, it must be match the size to ensure the safety. You also should mark the circumference by running a circle of the correct radius with some flour.

Start digging the hole: You are able to dig the hole by your own hands or through a small mechanical digger. To complete this task more quickly and easily, it should be processed in dry climate. Also, you might find a local contractor to do this cheaply and keep it as your schedule.

Regarding the soil, you should keep it watered because it is very necessary to make the area easy to dig and put the trampoline into it. You are able to have something to create the donut to refill the hold for the future.

You have to take care of the hold’s depth that should equal the height of the trampoline. It will help you install the apparatus easily. Many people claim that the trampoline should be above the surface of the ground about 4 inches, allowing the air to escape when jumpers bounce on it.

If it rains or your children use the garden hose on the trampoline, you should consider drainage. It requires the hole underneath the trampoline put into the ground to drain well. Remember that the area drains slowly will be helpful for you to dig an extra trench across the hole for a soak-way that fills gravel or hardcore. Moreover, the edge collision should be prevented. To achieve this task, you have to understand how to maintain the integrity of the walls of the hole.

Because the trampoline is sunk into the ground, you have to consider the air movement. Installing the trampoline at equal intervals about 4 lengths of 4 inches flexible pipe below the surface of the hole to a distance away from the apparatus. This will help you resolve the air escaping easily and return the surface at your convenience. A donut around the trampoline is helpful for users to partly obscure the equipment, boosting enjoyable moments for children.

Other Hints and Dafety Tips

To mark the ground as we mentioned, you could assemble the lower frame ring and use it as a templace to excavate. Besides, check carefully the spring holes on the top frame face up. You can make reference of different materials coming from various manufactures like head screwdriver, or handle and others to make it easier to push bolts through the frame assembly and complete this task as you wish.

Safety is always seen as the most importance when we want to use the trampoline. It is the same when we put it into the ground. Although we can keep our children in safer conditions, we still remember to allow only one person at a time on the apparatus. Therefore, that jumper can stay in the center where the safety is highest. Moreover, no wearing of jewelry or letting pockets be full before jumping. And, the last, regularly inspect the trampoline and check it before using it, make sure that all parts of the trampoline are available for you and your children to enjoy in safe condition.

Put the trampoline into ground is an ideal suggestion and we could make an attempt. There are some differences from assembling the trampoline on the surface to jump on it. But, in general, putting the trampoline into the ground will give us more funs not difficult to install.

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