How to Use Trampoline Safely?

Today, a trampoline becomes more popular and it is widely used in our life because it is suitable with everyone. It has a lot of conveniences as well as useful functions for our health. To use this trampoline safely I think it is extremely important for all of users. I will introduce some safety tips for trampoline about choosing a suitable place and how to use it correctly.

Install the Trampoline Properly


Installation a trampoline properly is the first step and the most necessary because it is a safety place for your jumping. You must consider the place where you want to install the trampoline. I think a wide yard or garden is an ideal space to jump on the trampoline and it closes to nature also. You can breathe the fresh air and feel the cool breeze. You must make sure that this place must have enough distance for your trampoline and a safety distance when some risks happen as falling or being thrown out the trampoline while jumping. If there are any trees in this area you should cut and arrange everything.

Some people said that if a trampoline is installed in the garden a long time, the grass below trampoline can not grow because of lacking the sunshine. In this case, you just remember to move the trampoline on the other place few times a month, it will make your grass can grow back.

How to Use Trampoline Safely?


Using trampoline to do exercise or for relaxing purpose is very good for people health. It is suitable for not only adults but also for kids so how to use a trampoline safety is the hot topic and is mentioned so much on TV and newspaper now. Some safety tips for trampoline will help you have more experiences to use this equipment as follows:

1. Do not Try to Somersault

Many people use a trampoline for their weight loss goal and they try to somersault a lot of time or several times a day. That is so dangerous to health especially it can lead to the serious injury, the paralysis or death.

You should have a suitable schedule for your practice and you need more time to achieve your purpose.

2. Do not Jump a Lot of People Together

That means you should not use a trampoline with others in the same time because it is very easy to happen the collision. In fact, most accidents occur when two or more using trampoline at a time.

You must arrange the time to all members in your family who want to use a trampoline. Besides you also jump one by one when a person is jumping on the trampoline others can look at him.

3. Do not Wear Jewelry while Jumping

To ensure the safety for jumpers you should not wear jewelry when jump on a trampoline because it will make you be injured by falling. It is better you must have a gym clothes separately. They are usually soft, comfortable and light for your moving easily. Moreover, you also should check everything in your pocket to leave all sharp objects to prevent the risks while jumping.

4. Use a Trampoline when Your Health is Good

Although a trampoline is as playing a game or an entertainment at home you should note your health before starting. Health is very important to starting this game. If you feel tired or have some problem which related with your health as headache, dizziness, drinkers…. It will be dangerous for you when you want to use a trampoline because you can not control your actions as well as the arising situations during jumping.

You have a good health and use trampoline safely you will feel funny, exciting and really comfortable even trampoline also help you be stronger and avoid all accidents and risks while you jump on a trampoline.


In my opinion I think four factors above are the most important to use trampoline safely, in addition there are many other elements which you should consider carefully to ensure your safe and members in your family like:

  • Always supervise children using the trampoline.
  • Do not allow children under 6 years old jump on a trampoline.
  • Must buy trampoline with the full equipment including: padding, springs, hooks, brackets.
  • Check all parts of trampoline to know it is worn or lacked before you jump.
  • Should not use this device for pregnant women.
  • Keep and control your bounce on a trampoline.
  • Concentrate your eyes on the edge of the trampoline.

In short, using a trampoline to relax or do exercise for your health is very good and useful purpose but you must know how to use this equipment safely. It is necessary to buy a new quality trampoline because the best one will bring the high safety for all people in your family. Furthermore, you should also research more information and rules of trampoline to get experiences for this product.

Safety guides will provide for users a whole new world of fun and healthy exercise. I hope that my writing will contribute a lot of knowledge about trampoline and help you prevent the accidents as well as risks while you jump on trampoline.