Inspiring Interest – Helping Your Children Find Their Own Passions

Feeling lost in the world is an all too common occurrence in today's young people. They bear all the pressure of finding their purpose, yet struggle to learn what it is. It’s easy to blame smart phones and the age of technology on this, but in reality, the fear of being lost is what drives our race forward. Although it provides drive, no parent wants their child to feel lost in the world, and often can feel helpless in solving the issue. A great way to give your child some direction in life, is to help them find a passion, something they value and care about.

Here are three ways to do just that.

Broaden the Horizon

Every parent wants their child to be passionate about something worthwhile, but the definition of worth may differ between the child and the parent. You will need to broaden your idea of what an acceptable passion is, and support your child in their decision. Expose your child to a range of things, both artistic and adventurous.

Take them to a trampoline park in Perth, or along a hiking trail. Bring them along to sports games and watch old movies with them. They will hate some things, and love others. Either way, they will learn more about what they like and what they do not like. More so, they will learn that their passion may be anything they want, and that finding it is an exciting adventure to undertake.

Have Your Own Passion

There’s no better way than to lead, than by example. Having your own passion will prompt your child to find theirs, moreover, it will highlight the importance of having a passion in life. Talk to your children about things you enjoy, and start the conversation. If you haven’t found your passion yet, bring your child along your journey to find it. You will be surprised at how the attitude of your child will be impacted by having your own passions.

Take Action

It’s all well and good to encourage your children to find their passion, but taking action is much more effective. Don’t expect your child to find things themselves, instead keep a lookout for things they may like. The trampolining and hiking are activities that you can suggest, but there are many more things to consider. Look around for community activities, such as soccer tryouts or a drama class. Actively seek things that your child may like, and encourage them to try them. Some things may not be financially possible, so more creative options will need to be explored. Taking action is important; without it nothing will happen.

So there we have it, three ways to help your child find their passion. If a passion doesn’t arise immediately don’t stress, or feel like it is your fault. You can’t force your child to fall in love with something that doesn’t appeal to them. If your child is lost, don’t fear, they will not be lost forever. All you can do is provide opportunity and encouragement, and leave the rest up to them.

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