Jumping on Trampoline while Pregnant?

An overview

There are many people think that women being pregnant should not have intensive exercises like jumping up and high, or making great bounce. Meanwhile, some opponents suggest that jumping on trampoline while being pregnant is very useful, especially cardiovascular function of your body, even decreasing risk of over-weight of women after pregnant period.

In common, jumping on trampoline is a healthy condition before you become pregnant. In most cases, it is necessary to avoid trampolines during pregnancy but jumping very low and on a mini apparatus may be safe and good for you. Certainly, jumping should be according to precautions of doctor.

What are You Worrying about When Jumping on Trampoline While Pregnant?


As pregnancy experts recommend that women undergo three periods including first trimester, second and third trimester. For each period, exercise routine is different and according to person’s health. In general, for the first period, a crucial time for the development of your baby; thus you’d better avoid jumping on uneven surface because it will result in chances of falling or even injuring yourself as well as your baby.

For the second and third process, your weight again and rich-nutrients food intake will surely affect your balance and coordination, making you jump in risky condition. Gaining weight will be seen as a prevention sector of using a trampoline. Therefore, it is better when you avoid any exercises requiring jerky motions, quick changes in direction, and tricks of jumping or bouncing and so on.

These actions can be done by using the trampoline. This is an important time for your baby to have all-rounded growth and more perfect. There will appear big chances in your body; hence you should take more relaxing in preparation for childbirth.

Hard to define injury symptoms when you think that you have injured yourself because of trampoline. The internal injury and medical attention like chest pain, rapid heartbeat or vaginal bleeding can be increased through swelling of your face, hands, feet and amniotic fluid leakage or so on.

Other people think that you can fall off if you lose your balance while pregnant because your body is lack of ability to keep balance or find a stable place to stand on and jump on.

However, in Many Case, Jumping on Trampoline is Good for You

It is considered as a good way if you use a mini trampoline while being pregnant. Jumping on it is very fun while it is useful to get your heart pounding as well as better muscle. They are positive factors for you to lose weight for the future, improving your heart health and increasing your strength of muscle and coordination at the same time. Of course, do not do too much mini trampoline and an ideal workout schedule should be planned through the guiding of your doctor when you are being pregnant.

Some main benefits: jumping on mini trampoline will help you strengthen your lower body and improve your balance ability. This is a good way to give you a great assistance to do cardiovascular workout, helping you shed calories and gain the physique as the result. A moderation model of training will be very beneficial for women in pregnancy.

How We can Use Trampoline While Pregnant?

Take safety precautions before using the trampoline while pregnant:

  • Ensure not to bump into someone else.
  • If you need help, you should keep another person within your viewing distance.
  • Your trampoline should be attached with an enclosure net to prevent you from a fall.
  • Take care of all metal hooks, springs and frames and make sure they are safe and not be injured.

A mini trampoline is more ideal to enjoy because with a smaller one, you have full ability to control your balance and coordination. You could have right viewing to land on the space when jumping out the trampoline at ease.

Keep your routine as other exercise while pregnant. It will be safe to doing exercise on a trampoline in case you have already prepared your physical activities. You should start your program with few minutes of exercise for each day and gradually increase to 10 and even 15 minutes when you get accustomed to the exercise routine. Follow intensity and frequency of your daily exercise will improve your body as well as your inner baby.

As mention above, your action on trampoline like bouncing or walking must be a low-impact workout. As healthy expert claims that you have to perform low bounces while being pregnant, this routine is better for you as well as your child. Meanwhile, you have higher-workout, in turn, you will have bad result. While bouncing, it is necessary to bend your knees carefully. Before taking any decisions of working on trampoline, you need to get precautions of your doctor for your safety of each trimester time.

The Last

Jumping on trampoline while you are pregnant is good or not? Through the article, you are able to give your answer to decide to make bounce while pregnancy. Obviously, doing physical exercise is always good for your health but under each circumstance, you should have precautions of your doctor for the best result.

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