How to Make a Trampoline Wrestling Ring?

While most of us are contended by just jumping on a trampoline, some would like to take it to the next level. It could be really exciting to watch UFC and other professional wrestling match and it actually sounds fun to emulate it.

The most important tool to begin with is a trampoline wrestling ring. Take note that wrestling moves can be quite dangerous not unless, are properly performed. Replica rings can cause you a fortune, but your reliable trampoline can be turned into one.


What you’ll need

  • Non-stretch ropes
  • Staple Gun
  • Large Blue Cloth
  • 4 pieces PVC Pipes (8 ft. Long) or wooden poles
  • Mini throw pillows or foam pads
  • Plastic Fasteners
  • Hooks with built-in screws or 7-inch long bolts with nuts
  • Shoelaces
  • Turnbuckle (optional)

The quantity and length of each material will vary according to the size and diameter of your existing trampoline. Upon getting the sizes, you can proceed to estimating the amount of materials needed.

Steps in recreating a trampoline wrestling ring

Wrestling-RingStep 1: Set-up the trampoline according to the manufacturer’s guide. Make sure to set it up on a flat surface. Since most trampolines are circular, the ropes and turnbuckles will create its square shape.

Step 2: The four corner areas where the trampoline is being held up will be the location for turnbuckles. Dig 1-ft deep holes for each turnbuckle location.

Step 3: Next, stick four wooden poles or PVC pipes, whatever you prefer, into the ground. The pole should be 7-8 feet tall. 4ft of the pole must stick out of the ground. Place them next to the trampoline, and then fill the holes with dirt. Cover it with rocks to make it sturdier.

Step 4: If you are using PVC pipes, use plastic fasteners to fasten it to the trampoline. Use at least five plastic fasteners per pipes to secure it.

Step 5: You can now determine where you want to drill the ropes. To do this, measure the distance between two turnbuckles. Draw three marks using a sharpie on that pole then drill a hole into each of the marks. Make sure that all the spots to drill are even and of the same size.

Step 6: After drilling the holes, you can proceed and tie the ropes. Make sure you have screwed three medium size hooks or bolts in the holes facing the trampoline. If you are using bolts, place a washer on every end to secure it from both sides.

Again, if you are using bolts, you will need “S” rings and have it attached on all the bolts. Then, put a large circle ring to every “S” ring placed on every bolt. For those who will use hooks evenly spread it out like that of a regular wrestling ring.

Step 7: Tie the ropes tightly and drag it across the ring. Do the same process until all the rings are completely tied up with the ropes. Make sure that the ropes are completely secured.

Step 8: You can attach foam pads or small throw pillows over the turnbuckle hooks. You can use shoelaces to thread and tightly tie the pillows around the hooks.

Step 9: Using a staple gun, lay the blue cloth or other colored cloth available over the whole trampoline.

Step 10: Make sure to test out the ring and that everything is secure.

More options

best-trampolineThe materials and instructions above may vary according to availability or your preference for your trampoline wrestling ring. Below are more options you can try to make your improvised wrestling ring safe and fun to use.

  • You can use clay or cement to fill the holes instead of the usual dirt. This will make the posts more stable.
  • If there are old tires available, set-up a single layer of it inside all the posts. This will help the ring withstand the impact that will occur when used.
  • Add old mattress over the layer of tires for more padding. Secure it with bungee cords to prevent the mattress from sliding out.
  • If the wrestling ring will be used by adults, it is ideal to place a layer of plywood over the pile of mattress and tires. This will add hardness and will make realistic wrestling sounds when the ring is in use.
  • Aside from staple guns, you can use stakes and bungee cords to secure things in your improvised rings.
  • To check if the ropes are tight enough, lean into it to see if it can hold human weight.

Whilst safety is of utmost importance, it is also crucial to ensure that your improvised wrestling ring can withstand the climate and daily use. Use quality materials to make sure of the ring’s long lifespan. Plastics, steel, aluminium and PVC pipes will not corrode easily unlike wood.

The trampoline wrestling ring is a fun way for families and friends to bond while keeping them active. Just don’t overdo your wrestling moves to avoid injuries and to savor the fun!

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