The Mistakes when Using Trampoline

Trampoline is one of the most popular playground for both children and adults, especially families who would like to enjoy outdoor as well as indoor time on jumping or bouncing. As the last parts, we can know partly how to buy the best trampoline for your kids or your family. This article today will share something of mistakes appearing when you use this apparatus.

It is undeniable that any equipments can have issues rising on being used. With this article, you can get the knowledge and skill for yourself. Using Trampoline can include several fields, for example: assemble process, how to jump on the trampoline in the right way, or keep it safe for players and so on.

We can discover what our mistakes are, meaning that we can repair and make it better to enjoy trampolines in the happiest way.

The common mistakes can be seen in:

1. Mistakes of Assemble Process

Almost trampolines currently are designed for easy assembly, and manufacturers offer user-guiding through video, instruction documentations. Be aware of the instruction can be helpful for you to prevent time loss as well as frustration. However, in fact, it still occurs frequent errors during you take this task.

Jump-Mat Assembly: It sometimes finds difficult to join the jump-mat to the trampoline frame. Not of all customers see that there is an easy and effective way to process when attaching the springs to the jump-mat. Thus, they often attach each and every single spring to the mat and trampoline’s frame. This causes the issue that you get halfway surrounding the frame while players still fight against the springs already been attached. You can leave the size of the trampoline’s surface to have an easier way to approach the assembly of the jump mat to the apparatus.

Springs Assembly: The moderation distance is every 10th. It allows you to pull against some springs when jumpers reach the opposite side of the trampoline. Thus, you – as a customer will find not difficult to attach each part of springs. In order to finish the process of how to attach springs between trampoline and jump-mat, you could simply attach a spring to the others that have been already assembled. This way will be helpful to complete the attachment without physical exertion and mental frustration while jumpers playing on the surface.

Backyard Space: Many of us usually buy a trampoline without consideration of the spatial dimensions of our yards. We don’t know that it is very important that trampoline must fit areas where you place to play. It should be sufficient amount of space around the case of the trampoline to ensure maximum safety. The position to assemble the trampoline is strongly recommended in the area where there are clear passages for people to walk through. In addition, please ensure that the area below above or opposite to the trampoline is free from debris and risks for the optimal safety.


2. Mistakes when Jumping

Jump on a trampoline when the jumping mat is wet: Jumping mats are likely to be slick once they are being wet. On unstable surface, jumpers will get incident falls or injuries. Hence, it is necessary not to allow your children take water balloons on the jumping mat, making it wet.

Do not use trampoline’s safety net as usual: The safety net is attached to the trampoline when you purchase. Thus, it is possible to add it to the trampoline as you wish. However, in mostly cases, the safety net will enhance the trampoline’s safety. This crucial safety component prevents the majority of would-be injuries. They are seen as powerful arms used to keep jumpers safe in the middle of the trampoline.

Keep debris on the jumping mat and do not clear them from the surface: All debris on the jumping mat will cause injuries or risks when jumpers may play on rubbish even though it has been left from the surface. Plus, clean debris will lead jumpers to enjoy fun, smooth and steady surface to play on it.

3. Other Mistakes

Never ignore tree branches, roofs, cables, shrubs and other objects that can cause a hazard of jumpers or damage to your trampoline.

There are some common mistakes during using the trampolines that users somehow forget:

  • The trampoline should be placed in the location that is adequate overhead and lateral clearance. Especially, don’t think that the area is so big that we forget the dimensions of trampoline. When you use it outdoor, you should pay attention to the adequate clearance for branches, fences, wires and other potential or possible hazards.
  • If you want to make your trampoline sturdier you need to consider the surface before placing it. In this case, you could use loose, thick sand surrounding trampoline area. Moreover, remove obstructions occurring from beneath the trampoline and enclosure as well. Make sure that you have to keep children away from the trampoline enclosure until it has been completely assembled.
  • Besides, during assembly, you should use gloves to protect your hand from pinch points. And take care of the proper assemble, attachment of the frame pad should be done before the trampoline enclosure is assembled.

It is obvious that keeping safety when you jump on the trampoline is very crucial. How to enjoy happiness while you are still safe is not simple at all. Just take care of common mistakes you meet or ask other users to get the good method. Moreover, please remember that the support team of manufacture is always beside you, thus do not hesitate let them know to have enjoyable experience.

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