Must have Techniques to have Successful Bounce on Trampoline?

How to jump is not difficult at all but how to jump on trampolines at your safety gives you many difficulties to learn. It is irrefutable that trampoline is a popular type of playing apparatuses over the world. It has become the trendy modern among families, children, and outdoor activities for these decades.

Moreover, how to keep your jumping safe is derived from a lot of factors. In those, jumping skills and must-have techniques to jump play a very crucial role. For the beginners as well as experienced people, jumping skill is the main sector for their successful bounce. We could follow to see our must-have skills to jump on the trampolines. To have high and complex jumps, at first, we need to hold the skillful foundation of basic steps to jump on the trampoline.

Thus, at the beginning, we can list some basic skills that are very necessary to follow if you want to succeed in jumping on the trampoline for fun as well as gymnastic training.

Step 1 – Position

The most basic bounce on trampoline is seen as the simplest and the most common bounce of trampoline routine. Standing at the center of the mat, keep the head upright and focused eyes on the frame pads. You can see in this step, the mat tends to sink according to your direction. At the same time, swing two arms straightforward and then up. Also, make sure that while your feet in the air, your feet are together and toes will point and follow towards the trampoline mat. To increase your stability and avoid falling, the number of 30 cm is the ideal distance when you are about to land.

Step 2 – Knee Drop

For mostly actions of playing on trampolines, we will have this step. This will be processed when you are in a standing position. While your body is erect, you should land on your knees and then let body back to the erect position. This is also seen as one of the simplest trampoline exercise skills to follow.

Step 3 – Hand and knee drop

When you do it successfully, you are master at the trampoline’s techniques. This requires when you are about to land on the mat. Experts claim that you need to ensure land on your knees and hands for the safety when landing on the mat. At the same time, push the mat with your hands and back to the first position. The distance between the mat and your feet should be 30 cm, hold the arms up and then gradually touch the mat.


Step 4 – Back drop

This step can be risky and requires experienced and skillful knowledge as well as practice. You can break your bone of neck, back and arms if you are not an expert in this. You should begin practice with a very light bounce and landing with your back. Keep your chin forward on your chest while you are taking jumps in a slanting position for the safety.

Step 5 – Sit drop

This happens when you land in a sitting position and your legs are parallel to the trampoline surface. This complicated skill asks you to have both hands on the mat next to your hips with a straight back and legs, also.

Step 6 – Front drop

It is similar to the back drop position, this step is very cautious that are very noticeable for jumpers. A low bounce should be the first step to start. From the standing position to this step is not simple at all. Thus, jumpers must have good training of trampoline before taking it. One more important, during the step, do not have your head not hit the trampoline frames and push the mat through your arms to return you to the original position.

From these basic skills, we can train many times to equip fulfill foundation of jumping techniques. After that, we are able to cover more difficult steps as below:

  • Learn straddle or pike Jump: When it comes to straddle jump, it is necessary to keep your legs in position as same as when doing splits with a mountain or a triangle shape. Straddle your arms and hands stretched as far as you can to continue the step. For the Pike jump, it is seen as a straddle but your body must be in “L” shape with horizontal legs. Besides, in two types of jumping on trampoline, you need to place your arm in front of you to keep body always in balanced position.
  • Do half twist or full twist jump is also very hard to complete. However, you could achieve when you know the combination of basic steps as above. Especially, do not use your arms and twisting from the bed. It is sure that when you can do a full twist, you seem to spin in the air and enjoy a double turn for the next time.
  • More complicated jumps to learn: such as cradle, cody, barani, front hand spring and so on. The cradle is the series of actions to have an array of moves from back drop half twist to back drop, seat roll seat, full twist to front drop and more. Moreover, the cody let you combine a back flip in to front-drop and lift straight into back, letting body free in the air and touch the mat gradually.

Meanwhile, barani is the harmonious mixture of half twist like a roller. For the last, it can be the most difficult action regard jumping on the trampoline. You must be mastered at keeping body in balance to obtain it. Put your hands downs and the arch your back on the way to your feet, right at a straight line. Arch your back is essential to completely this position.

Actually, learn how to jump on trampoline is not so difficult when you have time to train many times. You can enjoy basic skills of jumping on trampoline and more when you know how to combine them for more complex jumps.



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