Our Top Picks for the Best Fun Games for Kids

Looking for fun games for kids? We got you covered! Keep on reading the rest of this post and learn from some of the ideas that we will be suggesting.

If there is one thing that is common amongst kids, it would be the fact that they have limitless energy. With this, do not be surprised if they seem to not get tired. It would help if you always have a game ready so that you will know how they can spend their excess energy.

In thinking of games that can be played with kids, it is not enough that they are only fun. It will also help if they can be educational in a way. This is going to make playtime more meaningful.

Also, it is important to make sure that the game is appropriate for the age of their kids.

Hide and Seek


If you played games when you were a child, chances are, this is one that you have experienced. It is simple and can have multiple variations, making it a good choice for fun games.

This game can be played by a minimum of two players. There is one player who will be designated as the seeker, will close his or her eyes, count to a certain number as agreed upon, and will find other players who have hidden. There is usually a home-base and there is a need to run on it once you find someone or if they are able to tag it first, the seeker loses.

Blind Man’s Walk

If you have generous space outdoors, such as in the garden, this is an excellent game to play. The goal is to direct the kids out of an obstacle course. This is a good way to develop communication skills and to make the little ones follow orders from the one directing their movements.

This game starts by setting up the obstacle course depending on how challenging you would like the game to be. Next, the kid will be blindfolded, and after this, the adult or any designated person will give instructions on how the kid can move forward and to make it successfully through the obstacles.


This can be considered as another classic when it comes to fun games for kids. There are also different variations that can be done, but for starters, better keep it simple so that the kids will find it easy to play.

The first thing that you have to do is to draw a diagram that is similar to what is shown in the image above. Have it numbered appropriately.

Next, the player will have to throw a marker or stone on the first square. If it goes beyond the square, that person will lose the turn. It is now the time for the next player to make the toss.

Next, hop on the next square with one foot. There are squares wherein you will need to land on both feet. Skip landing on the square where the marker is.

Once you reach the square where the marker is, pick it up and finish your turn. If you miss any square, on the other hand, you lose the chance to complete the game and it is now the turn of the next player.

Once you finish it successfully, toss the marker again, but this time, on the next square. Do this until you are finished with the entire diagram.

Red Light, Green Light

If you have enough space in the room, this can be played indoors. On the other hand, for more fun, it would be best to play it outdoors.

There is one player who will be designated as the stop light and will be positioned on one end while the rest of the playing group will be on the other side. The traffic light, at one point, will face the group and this is an indication that everyone has to freeze, just like how cars will stop when they are on the road.

After a while, the light will go green and the assigned person to be the red light turns back, signaling other players to move. When the line turns red, everyone has to stop again. Anyone who is caught moving will return to the starting line. The first player to tag the red light wins.

Simon Says

When you think of fun games for kids, this is another one that never gets old. This can be played almost anywhere, even when you are inside the car, which will require at least three people.

The role of the parent is usually to direct the game and utter “Simon Says” followed by an action that is expected to be completed by everyone. Anyone who fails to make the required action will be out of the game. Some of the possible instructions include Simon says raise your arm, sing a song, bow your head, pout your lips, or close your eyes.


By now, we hoped that you learned a thing or two from the fun games for kids that have been mentioned above. The next time you find yourself with nothing to do with your little ones, refer to the games mentioned above and both of you are sure to have fun!

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