Rebounder and Trampoline – Big Differences or Not?

If there is question that we should choose trampoline or rebounder to improve the jumping skill as well as fitness experience, it’s not easy to answer. Because round trampoline and rebounder could be said to have many similar points.

It is irrefutable that trampoline or rebounder is seen everywhere through the internet, real life, playing park and more. When customers want to have an ideal playground, one of them could be a unique selection.

Rebounder and Trampoline


We can discover some basic differences between two apparatuses and see which should be our option. They can be made different via some main factors:

  • At first, their difference is the workout goal. Obviously, the size of trampoline is large thus it is ideal for workouts of tumbling, jumping. At the same time, you have opportunity to deeply practice other activities like handsprings or flips. Meanwhile, rebounders are just used for workout exercise routines, without space support for stunt practice. The small scale of rebounders is suitable for jumpers be up and down, practice jumping on and off in a box jump.
  • Rebounder is usually seen as a mini trampoline. In comparison with a standard trampoline it is lower as well as narrower to the land placing the apparatus. You can see various sizes of rebounders but just around three to five feet in diameter and making up about one or three feet off the ground. Nevertheless, trampolines are bigger with three or four feet above the ground and even wider six or more feet. The difference of them decide the function that rebounder is the best select for workout classes suitable for travel and even gym program while trampoline is very ideal for large scale – playground where many people can jump on one time.
  • When it comes to the safety, both of them are safe for children as well as adults to jump on it. However, it will raise some risks of head injuries that are sometimes difficult to avoid. Rebounders are still claimed to be safer because of the lower ground and less needs of space, preventing jumpers from some potential danger like flips and at the same time reducing risk of fall. The trampoline cannot be seen in the same case but the necessary appliances like clearance, net and enclosure that are ready to be attached for the safer conditions, especially for kids.
  • The current construction of rebounders and trampolines as well is customizable. But, the accessories of rebounders are generated for specific fitness. For example, to improve the stability of your rebounder, you can buy a stable bar while a bar is provided to grip when you are doing some aerobic workouts. Besides, accessories of trampolines basically designed to improve this device safer life nets, spring pads or enclosure. They are easy to attach and assemble to enjoy.
  • rebounder-and-trampolineThe weight capacity depends much on the size of the device. Some rebounders can support 400 pounds but it is not common. As a standard trampoline, it can generally support about 100 to 330 pounds (with the corresponding model). However, if you want to find a large jumping mat to let more people jump at a time, you can achieve with the trampoline model.
  • An important consideration of them is the price comparison. The price of each apparatus varies by brand and model. You can see the price range of a rebounder lower than a trampoline. The difference of price could be derived from the appliances attached to trampolines when you purchase.
  • The important things we need to consider must be health benefits. It is undeniable that rebounders and trampolines improve your overall muscle training. They are beneficial if you suffer from joint or back pain form accident risks. Many people recommend fitness trampolines that are great for walking, jogging and bouncing during workout. Rebounders are good for physical workouts with high intense while outdoor trampolines are wonderful options for family activities with young children.
  • The last, types of trampolines and rebounders. There are various types of trampolines for you to select from styles, colors and shapes, purpose including recreational or competitive goal. Depending on the type, trampolines will be designed to meet its requirement to serve jumpers and help them enjoy great bouncy on the jumping surface. Regarding the rest, there are not many types of rebounders. They are even not created equally and just classified through two groups: quality and non-quality/cheap product. Their differences could be due to the materials, brands, and attachments. The large range of price allows you to easily select one suitable for your budget.

Then, which is Best for you?

which-trampolineObviously, one of them is good for you and your family’s health. That you choose trampoline or rebounder depends much on who uses the device, how it will be used and what purpose it is used for, even where you use it. When you answer these questions you can have the last choice. For example, you want to create a playground for your children outdoor. Yes, the trampoline will be the answer. There are many manufacturers offering different sizes or shapes of trampolines like SkyWalker, SpringFree and more. They give you a short range of options for you to enjoy jumping at the convenient spirit. Thus, it is no difficult when you want to train your jump or workout skill.

Rebounder and Trampoline are very good for health and balance skill of us and our families. You equip your family with a device, meaning adding a useful tool for people to do exercises right at home. This article could show you main points of each tool and help you consider which should be selected. However, if it still has no answer, let us know.

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