Round & Rectangular Trampoline – Which Choose?

As you may know types of the trampolines are classified according different characters. When it comes to shape of trampoline, there are two types named Round & Rectangular Trampoline. This choice is more difficult for first-time buyers because they do not actually know which is the better than the rest.

Many people think that the traditional type – round trampoline gives them more safety than the rectangular trampoline. Others claim that they select the rectangular trampoline for the stable and study frame with modern style. However, in my opinion, each type of trampoline owns its advantages and disadvantages that meet purpose and needs of certain people. Thus, take a look of their comparison and have the last decision, which should be bought.


The differences between two styles are Weight, Safety, Price, Performance and Usage that significantly impact the user-experience.

1. Weight Limitation

While the weight limits for a Round Trampoline is based on the scale of it, for example 8 – 10 food for 200 – 250 pounds, 12-foot trampolines: 250–300 pounds, 14 to 16-foot trampolines: 250–400 pounds a rectangular trampoline has a normal weight limit with 300 – 450 pounds.

2. Usage and Performance

round-trampolineIf you are finding a recreation activity in the back yard or the home, Round trampoline must be your choice. Unlike the rectangular models, they don’t not let us accommodate as much as weight or force. However, if the jumper are young children or even toddlers, it will diminish the risk of an injury thanks for the safe consideration and springs or enclosure added. Round trampolines allows kids to enjoy jumping at free feelings because they do not require high skill of bouncy or great jumping. Moreover, round trampoline tends to direct the jumper back into the center of the mat once they make bounce. It offers jumpers low intensive bounce, not so strong thus, ensuring the safety for them. In general, this model is usually used for home and recreational use rather than high-end applications.

Regarding the rectangular trampoline, this is perfectly designed for bigger bounce, letting jumpers absorb more landing force than round varieties. This product is created to give the jumper more space for performing tricks and flips. Users claim that rectangular trampolines are better suited to demands of gymnasts, aerialists and drivers. Thus, they are often used by athletes for training. The model provides a higher attitude for users, absorbing more force during the landing. Therefore, the rectangular item must be for those who have competitive, personal or Olympic aspirations.

3. Safety

Round trampolines are designed for children at the early age for ensuring the safety. This is due to the lower bounce that round trampolines have, better protect your young ones from injury. The fact has shown that the round model offers a less powerful bounce than the others. Because of the reduced springs, they lessen the severity of any accidents. Meanwhile, the rectangular trampolines are produced to improve athletes, leading them go to land. This sometimes causes risk and injury. On the normal size of this kind is 14-food model which actually means you have a larger surface of 12 feet after accommodating the space, and the frame jumping from center with 6 feet of room, being important for safety.

In fact, the round trampoline is preferred for younger children when they are getting started with the apparatus while higher and stronger bounce will be made on the rectangular trampoline. Both of them are safe for users but based on the purpose and age of the users, you could have good decision.

4. Price of  round and rectangular trampoline

The price of a trampoline mostly depends on a variety of factors. More importantly, shape, size, quality and materials also decide how much you need to invest in the backyard for your family. Normally, round trampolines tend to be less expensive than rectangular ones. Because the circular shape is inherently strong, less added supported, in comparison with the design of rectangular trampolines. Moreover, round trampolines are more popular and easier to use, allowing manufactures to pass the saving on their buyers. Nevertheless, rectangular trampolines are made for certain purposes, not many on the markets, leading a higher price level.

5. Enclosure


According to the estimation, more than 80% of trampoline injuries occur because of the apparatus is lack of an enclosure that keeps jumpers from falling out the trampoline. There are some different types of enclosure. A trampoline enclosure could be a mesh screen, steel net that is installed around the trampoline to keep the jumpers from getting too close the edge. This could be in the design of trampoline you purchase or an appliance to add when necessary.

No matter what trampoline you buy to use, a round or rectangular trampoline, safety is seen as the first priority, meaning a necessary enclosure. Plus, an enclosure does not only reduce the risk of accident falling off the trampoline it also increases the versatility of the equipment. For young kids, you can make a mind of that they are playing in a safe environment, even without your inspection.

In the end, Round or Rectangular Trampoline is great to be used. The decision which item to be chosen depends much on your purpose and skill of jumping. However, above all, trampolines are always the best select for you to have recreation activity both indoor and outdoor.

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