Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad

Skywalker Trampoline is one of leading brands of the trampoline market. You will find very easy to have a desirable apparatus for your kids and families when you research products of this brand. Among them, Skywalker trampolines 12 feet Round trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad is very famous and preferred for its safety and great appearance.

Features of Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad

  • This trampoline is created to withstand a weight of about 200lbs. The medium size of the surface allows two or three kids to jump once time. Moreover, the assemble application of the product is not confused for you to follow. As many comments of experienced users, they just take some minutes to complete this task and start their game.
  • Skywalker trampoline 12 feet round trampoline and enclose with spring pad is highly considered for the safety features, having you keep peace of mind when letting your kids enjoy fun. It has a heavy, galvanized steel frame that ensures to follow your family with years of bouncing. Besides, no worries about the structural twisting for the reinforced and welded T-sockets which stabilize the upper enclosure frame to the trampoline frame and at the same time, preventing from other twisting.
  • Round shape trampoline are equipped with 6 legs (sometimes called as 6 W shaped legs) give the extra support and firmness. It provides lots of stabilityand stay-put jumpmat, confirming the safety for kids when they jump on the apparatus.
  • As its name, the extra foam padding on the trampoline makes its more comfortable and improves shock-suffering ability of sporting accessory. With this style, you are not necessary to take care of hurting yourself or your kids when playing on it. Plus, the spring pad is UV protected and very sturdy, thus, you can have your backyard as a fun place for both kids and adults to join. Thanks for these high-quality material, this product stands out other competitors.
  • The enclosure added to the trampoline is for you to get the ultimate safety. More importantly, the enclosure posts are arched in a certain way that it suspends the enclosure betting away from the frame while being padded too for extra protection. You can place 12 feet trampoline outside, in the wind or snow and have no problem. Certainly, the trampoline is used inside when you want to have enough a large square for it.


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Reasons that the Customer Should Buy this Product

  • As mentioned above, Skywalker is one of leading brands with regard to trampolines. Also, their product 12-feet round trampoline and enclosure with spring pad is one of the best-seller products on the market now, for the highest safety, most convenience and longest durability. It is an ideal apparatus for any home to enjoy with friends and families. When we take an overview of for this product, we can see many positive comments like “I love this product much. It is durable and fun to use. I and my family use it frequently.” Or “This is a great product, delivering what it promises to users. There is no barrier to customer base.
  • The first thing customers love this product is “safety”. The Skywalker 12-feet round trampoline does not put you in danger as its promise. It is manufactured with high-quality and great features protecting you. Thanks for it, this product of the Skywalker is durable and continues to serve you for a long time. In comparison with some brands, the price of this product is quite higher but it is still recommended for affordable investment. It has longer value of usage, no worries about maintaining and saving it. Moreover, it has multiple purposes being used for both outdoor as well as indoor.
  • There is another comment that “This great product is well-priced, and has appearance of safety. With it, you will find that indeed it with every single safe-measurement that is available”. That is also the reason why customers love this product much. Besides, as usual, before making purchase of any item, we always want to have apprehensive knowledge of the quality of product. And with Skywalker, they are always well-known for the quality of their products with excellent features.


Pros and Cons


  • Skywalker 12-feet round trampoline has stably assured steel T-sockets that attach the safe net to the trampoline frame. Thanks for them; the trampoline is prevented from collapsing while people jump on it. Thus, it is very safe to use.
  • 6-W legs shaped, improving the frame stability of this product. These legs are made up very heavy 16 gauge galvanized rust resistant steel, ensuring certain surface to keep the trampoline in balance. Thus, don’t worry if it has heavy downpour. The resistant steel ensures the stability of the structure, keeping it for a longer time.
  • It has a size of 12 diameter surface: as its name 12 feet round trampoline and enclosure with spring pad. The product is nearly functioned with all important and necessary features for the safest trampoline. And the size of it allows you to enjoy while doing more complicated tricks of jumping on the trampoline.
  • A traditional shape – round shape that makes it perky. This shape increases the jaunty effect of the trampoline and makes it more suitable with many customers. Accordingly, the springs are attached equally to impart a regular bounce. The jumper is possible to land back to the center and without take-off point. Thus, with this round trampoline, structure can absorb the pressure exerted at every bounce. And more importantly, the round shape gives users more chances to move around the backyard.
  • It is adaptable for the weight at 200lbs and the age limitation should be 6 years. Understanding these indicators, you can use the trampoline in safety. It has a thick padding with UV protected feature. Thus, this ensures stability and comfort for users when they use it. Besides, the enclosure net is UV- proof, also, improving more safety for users to jump and use it for a long time.


Sometimes, you can have troubles with difficult manual when you try to install the trampoline. The manual without comprehension will makes the assembly process more difficult than you think. Thus, before using it, you should ask carefully the manufacturer how to install the trampoline first. And then, you can follow step by step as they guide and should contact them when you have any questions.


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Some of Tips for Customer when Using Product

There are some tips for customers to take note when using the product as below:

  • The Skywalker 12 feet round trampoline has two separate boxes, and some users complained that to use the trampoline, we need to wait for few days until two boxes are available for users to enjoy.
  • The official weight limit is just 200 pounds but there are many people do not obey this regulation. They even put more than 2 or 3 people on this model at once, it is a little wobbly.

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Who this Product is Best for?

If you want to become a dedicated athlete who is trying to improve your sport ability via jumping, this product is not your ideal option. It just gives you fun and slight bouncing.

The product is strongly recommended for safety, affordable price and out-of the box fun. You can use it for outdoor as well as indoor activities. And it is necessary to know the age and weight limitations of people when use the trampoline. It can be used for weight limit at 200lbs and at 6 age children. 


The Skywalker trampolines 12 Feet Round trampoline and enclosure with Spring pad is still an ideal product for all families to enjoy. It creates a good back-yard for you, your friends and for families as well. Despitesome disadvantages, the apparatus have a lot of outstanding features that not of all trampolines on the market bring to users. Thus, don’t hesitate and carry out your last decision. It promises to serve you at the best way.

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