Stunning Maternity Photography Ideas

Maternity photography is a new rage which every parent wants to try and why not? Who would not love the idea of photographing the round and happily glowing baby bump? For a woman it is the most beautiful time in her life to experience so many emotions all at once, nurturing a new life, physical, mental and emotional changes, stepping into a totally new phase. Not only for a woman but for her husband, her family too it is the time when they are the happiest and a little worried too. Nowadays, people know the value of the great moments in life which is why they want to capture its essence in every way possible by recording it, photographing it, writing stories or books about it.

For maternity photography, you need to hire someone who is not only a professional but also creative in making the moment feel all the way more magical. Imagination has no limit and doesn’t even try to restrict your thinking. If you have any idea you want to bring into reality then discuss it with your photographer.

One such idea for maternity photography could be choosing the outdoors. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Not only does it sound exciting but it is actually!

Outdoor maternity shoot will allow you to be a little more playful, natural and provide you with a plenty of fodder to create pictures that will be totally unique. Also, natural sunlight will add its own unique charm to the pictures!

What all could be the background for making that perfect setting?

  • Sunsets
  • River or any kind of water bodies
  • Woods
  • Lush green open land
  • Spring flowers
  • Waterfall
  • Old rustic setting

Some cute, simple ideas for outdoor maternity photography:

Keep It Natural with Nature

How about adding more depth and beauty to the pictures? The beauty of nature will add more dimension and beauty to the scene. With nature when the final picture will come out you will be able to sense more calming happiness, witnessing all things beautifully put together at one place. The much-needed interference of the sunlight, the bright green grass in the fore and the background, sparkling blue waters would perfectly add more depth to the situation. It would not cost you a penny but will enhance the pictures to a great extent.

Make a Visually Unique Story

Try different angles, poses to create different effects. How will it affect the picture? It will basically create a more interesting picture and help you focus more on the subject, then on anything else also, the natural beauty will enhance the beauty of the picture.

Try Different Attires in Rustic Locations

Things work best when you mix and match the old with the new, play with various combinations. Try to play with locations, situations and try attires totally in contrast to it. Gowns, cute skirts, formal dresses work great for maternity shoots. Try standing in a clear green landscape with your gown flowing with the wind. How rustic and royal feel would it give. Experimenting with the dresses and the background would create an engaging picture. Get ready to get the red carpet look and feel with this idea.

Use More and More Props and Accessories

Incorporate various props and objects into the picture to show off your excitement and flaunt your baby bump. You can use tiny baby shoes, mirror, photo frames, flowers, card or a poster that can also do the gender reveal, differently colored balloons which is quite common these days like blue and pink balloons and another cute option could be color bombs.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun in Your Pictures; Get playful

Though the maximum number of time women are portrayed as tender beings during their pregnancy period but not at all times they have to be captured like that. You can focus on other healthy aspects too like you can show off your playful, romantic side.

How can You do This?

Rope in your elder kids and if this is going to be your first child then you can get some romantic pictures clicked with your husband. Pictures like that of dancing with your husband, try showing off intimacy, walking around, sharing few laughs with your husband or barefoot strolling by the beach etc. You can flaunt your love for the baby and your husband all at one place.To make the pictures look all the way more natural the couple has to engage in talking and forget as if there were are any cameras around to get the best out of pictures. The more natural you are the more your pictures will speak. Natural pictures showcase all things naturally and in their purest form without any alterations.

There are many different ways, concepts and poses in which you can get the pictures clicked:

Try giving different perspectives to your photographers like by like lying down, front view, peeking pose, sitting, from above, silhouettes, focusing just the belly, holding hands with your husband, flaunting some love with your better half!

Maternity photography is challenging as well as fun and there are some great pregnancy photographers who know how to paint your world beautifully with their photography.

Lisa K Cheney is an entrepreneur & owner of She is a professional photographer & believes Photography adds a luxury to your already flawless life and her vision is to offer others the soulful, pure and fresh piece of art.

Lisa K Cheney
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