What You May Not Know About Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth not white enough? Does it affect your smile and confidence? Well, there are ways you can whiten your teeth and build back your confidence.

Teeth whitening refers to cleaning the teeth by removing the stains using various acceptable dental methods. Here a few interesting teeth whitening stuff that you may not know.

Results Can Reverse

Studies show that teeth whitening results can last up to 3 years but only with proper dental care. Keeping up good dental habits such a daily brushing with the right toothpaste will help a great deal in keeping your teeth constantly white.

Also, undertaking dental visits to check the state of your teeth and correct any dental complications will help. Failing to maintain your teeth after whitening by constantly eating colored foods and smoking will quickly reverse the whitening effect through discoloration and staining.

Best If Done by a Qualified Dentist

With the industry growing rapidly in popularity, some services that are to be offered by medical professionals are now being also offered by other providers.

You will notice that beauticians and other untrained people will offer teeth whitening services, but that should not be so. Oral and dental health is very sensitive as one wrong thing can result in serious complications.

Ensure that your teeth whitening procedure is done by a qualified dentist within a hospital or legally registered dental clinic. Several countries have put in place laws that allow teeth whitening and other dental services to be performed by dentists only. Visit teeth whitening sydney for quality dental services.


Side Effects Will Be Present

As with any bodily procedure, there are bound to be side effects. With teeth whitening, though it seems like a simple procedure you will most likely feel some mild discomfort ranging from teeth being sensitive cold and gum discomfort. The effects are likely to only last a few hours after the procedure. However, if the symptoms persist seek further medical attention.

A Chemical Reaction Takes Place

For the discoloration to be removed and the teeth to regain its whiteness, a chemical process happens during the whitening procedure. The active ingredient present in all teeth whitening products is Hydrogen Peroxide.

Teeth contain complex organic molecules with the enamel. The Hydrogen Peroxide easily enters the enamel and reacts with the molecules breaking them down into less complex molecules resulting in the reduction of teeth stain and coloration. Carbamide Peroxide is also another active bleaching agent found in teeth whitening products.

Whitening Gel is for Natural Teeth

Whitening gels will only work on natural teeth tissue. Crowns, veneers or dentures are artificial and so if you happen to have them, then it is not possible for teeth whitening to be done.

However, with proper assessment and advice from your dentist, you can still have your teeth whitened. If you are not comfortable with using gel, you can opt for natural ways like brushing with baking soda which has whitening properties; consume foods rich in calcium and eating fruits like strawberries and pineapple.

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