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It could be considered when you want to spend on a baby trampoline for kids. The mini trampoline has a lot of potential benefits to help your kids with speech development.

Instead of letting kids access boring activities like video games, tablets and others, you have them do exercise and enjoy fun with a mini trampoline. There are many types of trampolines for children to enjoy but the greatest one getting good comment must be The Original Toy Company Fold and Go trampoline.

The Original Toy Company Fold and Go Trampoline for Kids

You can see various models of mini trampoline, but The Original Toy Company Fold & Go trampoline is seen as the most ideal suggestion when parents want to get their children active and strong. While other trampolines focus on giving an energetic way for your kids to enjoy fun on their own terms; this type provides you other physical benefits.

In fact, exercise is great for people at any ages, especially when your children are still young and have good habit of exercise. The Original Toy Company Fold & Go trampoline is a vigorous physical activity of jumping that is helpful for your kids to build their confidence, also. Kids are able to learn more useful skills and lessons through play, which turn The Original Toy Company Fold and Go trampoline into a teacher that all of them love.

Features of This Trampoline

Common Features

With the aim of letting your kids and toddler have physical workout and successfully keep balance, this is designed in the safer way. It is created for young age group from 2 to 4 who will have a low bounce. The limited height prevents your kids from the chances of a major injury. For the bigger models that are used for older age from 5 to 7, this product does provide a higher bounce, but it ensures the safety for kids when playing on the surface.

Outstanding Features

  • Attractive performance: this trampoline is designed with a cute yellow/red/blue color pattern, making children feel enjoyable. It is basically tied for the first place with the Bazoongi so you do not worry about going wrong with either of them.
  • Solid frameThe Original Toy Company Fold & Go trampoline has no metal springs and uses a series of elastic straps, instead of that. These elastic straps make sure of the durable time of the product. You are possible to set up the item because of a simple instruction and installation. Many parents claimed that it is one of the easiest trampolines to unfold and install in our test space. There have 6 legs to increase the stability and safety.
  • Large scale around 36’’ diameter allows up the weight of 150 pounds so even mom may have some fun with her kids. The frame is well built and very sturdy hence your kids are able to have great bouncy elastic on the surface while it still protect them from so high-jumping.
  • The handle toolbar for kids to hold as they wish. Therefore, it is suitable for parents who are finding a machine to have their toddlers get accustomed with going and standing on their feet. When using this kind of trampolines, you should put more weight on the handlebar and have the back of the trampoline lift off the ground when your kids jump. Plus, if their weight is increasing (be 60+ pounds) it should be considered placing a little weight on the back legs. By this way, your kids might able to play in safety and even without your supervisor in short time.

Pros and Cons


  • The simple instruction lets any parents be able to set up at their convenience. You can be sure that no than 10 minutes to install this trampoline in the back-yard for your kids to enjoy. Therefore, you can store it at your convenience and take it everywhere you want.
  • Using spring bands as opposed to others make the product safer than other models.
  • The handlebar leads your kids to learn how to keep balance easily and make first steps quickly.
  • The limitation height, your kids can’t jump so highly thus, boosting the safety for kids during jumping.


  • There can be incident when shifting the legs to dismount the trampoline. It is because when jumpers grow heavier, the trampoline is not anchored to the place. Some people complain its “plastic smell” because of the main material of this product.

Benefits of The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline

  • Enjoy jumping freelyThe Original Toy Company Fold & Go trampoline is the great idea for kids to jump on something than your bed. 5 minutes to assemble the tool and when your kids finish playing, you simply fold and go, as its name. It is totally possible to enjoy bounce whenever you want because the trampoline is convenient to take away.
  • Give your toddlers beginning steps: This mini trampoline is awesome for toddlers to have active beginning steps and need a way to release all energy. A long with jumping, children would like to put their mouth on things. It is not only used for physical exercise outdoor but also indoor.
  • Improve self-esteem: As other models of trampolines, this mini tool teaches kids the jumping skill, helping them realize how the accomplishment feelings do. Therefore, know the sense of confidence, enhancing personalization skill, as the result.
  • Good physical workout: Certainly, jumping on the surface of trampolines is like an athletic activity. Jumping at the early age, children can keep their favorite activity for the future and become a better athlete. The product also increases coordination and strengthens muscles of your kids.
  • Like an aerobic sport: when jumping on the trampoline, your kids are improving their cardiovascular, at the same time. You can keep you mind that playing on the original Fold and go trampoline your kids are totally safe and sturdy.

Is This Product the Best Trampoline for Your Kids?

It will be the right selection when your children are under 5 year olds or even older. This product supports up to 150 pounds and the higher upper weight limit allows them to enjoy it beyond their young ages. For very young kids, the handlebar is available for them to hold. Thus, it ensures the safety during jumping moments.

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