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Are you looking for some excitement and fun for the kids or maybe even for yourself? Are you involved in any sports that may benefit from some tumbling or acrobatics? Trampolines are fun equipment that can come in handy a lot of times. It keeps kids occupied and happy and can also even help you as an adult stay fit. Though fun, it can be a form of exercise.

A trampoline is a recreational device that consists of a stretched piece of taut fabric between steel frames. The stretched fabric, which is called a bounce mat, is held in place with the aid of several coiled springs. It is noteworthy to mention though that not all trampolines use springs. There are some that use glass-reinforced plastic rods. They provide so much fun and are useful for both recreational and competitive purposes. They also come in different shapes and sizes. You can learn more about it in this article.

Bouncing on a trampoline is more efficient than jogging and it is probably the best exercise one can ever indulge in. Jumping engages all the muscles in the body, stimulating every cell in the process. This helps heal and rejuvenate the body without the risk of injuries to the ankles, hips, joints, and knees.

Bouncing and jumping strengthens the bones and muscles and increases bone density. It also prevents osteoporosis. Bones get stronger when they are exercised and put under stress while they become weaker when they are not exercised. Jumping is one easy and cheap way to exercise the bones.

​It is also a fun way of losing weight, improving posture and balance and increasing the lymphatic flow of the body. The lymphatic system relies on body movement to work adequately. That is why you find that people who are not active generally tend to get tired easily.

Types of Trampolines

Different types and shapes of trampolines exist. The most common is the basic round one that comes in sizes ranging from 8 -16 feet in diameter. They are less expensive and also considered to be the safest as they rebound a jumper towards the center rather than to the edge. The size you buy should be determined by both the space you have and the type of persons that will use it. Smaller sizes will do for children while adults will need larger ones.

There are also the rectangular ones that offer the advantage of being able to fit more easily into spaces next to a building or along fences. Jumpers on this won’t be bounced towards the center and they may also bounce higher. These are especially good for gymnasts but not as safe for beginners and children.

Small round fitness trampolines also exist to help in increasing heart rate and fitness levels. They can be stored easily and they take less space.

​Finally, you also have water trampolines that are made from inflatable tubes. These are usually used in pools.

Factors to Consider When Making a Choice

When shopping for trampolines, there are important factors to consider. Below is a quick list of the major factors.

  • Space you have available
  • Who needs it to jump and what are the weight limits
  • What type of shape do I need?
  • What are the safety features it has?
  • Available warranty
  • Spare parts availability

A few Recommendations for Trampoline Makers

To make the process of choosing a bit easier for you, we will look at a few recommendations as provided by

This is a very well-known trampoline brand. They are reasonably priced and offer different products and shapes to cater to various categories of people ranging from children to adults and gymnasts. They can easily be assembled in about 2-3 hours and you can also purchase a safety enclosure, making it safe for oldies and beginners alike. Skywalker has been manufacturing trampolines for years with innovative techniques that have helped increase its rating. It offers “how-to” videos on YouTube and users are generally satisfied with the quality, price and safety features of its products.

The Zupapa Trampoline

This trampoline brand comes at a very pocket-friendly price, sturdy frames and international safety certification. They also come in different sizes ranging from 10-feet to 15-feet. The frames are made of 42mm galvanized steel which is rust-resistant, making them some of the most durable frames available. It is noteworthy to add that Zupapa trampolines come with virtually all the needed accessories; ladder, rain cover, T-hooks, wind stakes, and gloves. Most users have generally reported being satisfied with this trampoline brand due to its sturdiness and overall quality. Its weight limit varies depending on the size. The 15-foot size can accommodate people of up to 375 pounds while the lower sizes will accommodate up to 330 pounds. They are easy to install and they offer a warranty of up to 10 years on their frames while the jumping mats, safety pads, springs, and net enclosure have a warranty of 2 years.

The AllyOOP Trampoline

This is another well-known brand of trampoline that comes in different sizes. It advertises its products as having more bounce than others because it uses three different bounce technologies; variable bounce, double bounce and power bounce. It comes with pre-galvanized frames which means before assembly, the parts were galvanized separately. They offer a lifetime warranty on their frames and a 5-year warranty for their safety net. AllyOOP products also come with a second row of springs which is a patented feature with a long stretch and smooth recoil rate, giving you greater tension and bounce on the mat.

There are other top brands asides these three but these are among the top brands. Take some time to carefully look at each brand and product to be sure you choose something that will serve you well.

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