Trampoline – A wonderful Exercise Equipment for Your Family!

Most of us are not aware of the importance of creating balance in the body. In fact, science shows that the development of the body balance is due to two brain’s rhythmic coordination. Therefore, when your body created the balance since you were young, the brain will be stimulated to develop a comprehensive, and to be better in acquiring knowledge, playing sports or reflector with better surroundings.

In fact, trampoline is a perfect choice for balancing discipline.

trampoline-for-familySo firstly, what does Trampoline look like?

Trampoline is a great form of aerobic training which helps develop body balance from the small baby. Only 7-10 duct jump, high turnover trampoline acts like jogging in a half of hour. Not only that, these actions also strengthen bones and muscles. We can say that trampoline is the form of exercise which helps mobilize most of muscles, especially the stomach, arms and legs.

Secondly, how many types of Trampolines are there?

Trampolines have appeared for a long time from 1930s. In 1934, at the University of Iowa (USA), two scientists – George Nissen and Larry Griswold – had successfully made the modern trampoline first for training purposes of astronaut and taken into use as a training tool to develop other sports such as diving, gymnastics and free skiing. Trampoline had officially become a discipline in the Olympic competition system in 2000 in Sydney, Australia.

Today, there are many different styles of trampoline from colors to shapes, but the general form is similar to the others. Two types of trampolines as following are common in use as following:

  • Recreational trampolines are popular for individual with using at home. Shapes are various from oval to square, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal.
  • Competitive trampolines which are purchased for purpose of exercising, are often rectangular . They may be made from strong and dark fabrics and linked together by many coils which can withstand heavier weight when many people use it at the same time.

Thirdly, benefits of practicing with Trampoline are:


  • If your house has a private patio or small garden, it is the ideal place to put trampoline. These are products with a variety of designs and sizes, suitable for all objects. Trampoline is a unique sports product, toys somersault with springs. Somersault with it exciting as playing a game, not monotonous like daily exercise, which is considered the best sport. Special products are children loved. According to medical experts, the astronauts in space are often at risk for bone loss due balance is always in a state of weightlessness, acrobatic routine to help them keep balance in this environment. Regular acrobatics with trampoline brings you many health benefits such as weight loss, reducing stress, beneficial for the immune system; helps detoxify the body; prevention of dementia (Alzheimer’s); prevent arthritis; reduce depression, blood pressure; prevent bronchitis; cancer; reduced fat causes atherosclerosis; constipation; good for the ear; Eczema reduction; avoid fatigue; headache; Stock prevent rash; avoid menstrual problems; prevent osteoporosis; Sinusitis; improve vein. Specifically, trampoline is very effective in the treatment of autism.
  • Outdoor trampolines, on the other hand, encourage play. These larger pieces often have extra accessories that you can purchase (for an additional cost). These may include basketball sets, tent attachments and bounce boards. Unlike most rebounders, some trampolines also come with a safety net, making them a wonderful option for families with young children.
  • Not only that, trampoline also has psychological effects. Endorphins are released to create a positive mood and overcoming depression, stimulates the digestive system of children. It’s really a simple play on the canvas but your body and psychology has undergone a great workout times.
  • Besides, trampolines and rebounders increase your muscles’ strength and fitness which increase your pulse rate and bring you a strong and full –oxygen heart through jumping. In a result, you feel healthier and more alert. Plus it’s a great way to keep your weight down.
  • Generally, unlike some sports like jogging and tennis, trampolining has comparatively low joint impact for a high impact, intensive exercise routine. This can help you prevent 80% of the shock of the muscles (that can protects your joints whilst) while you’re training. So, it’s really a safe sport for you or your young children. You can buy one and train with you family at home.

In conclusion

Trampoline is the most suitable equipment for your family sport’s activities, especially family with young children. In fact, if you have younger children, a trampoline with softer fabric and round shape is better than a rectangular one. This can give your family more interesting time if you share your equipment with friends. And your kids and your friends can jump and enjoy wonderful feeling. You can refer an outdoor trampoline on internet with proper price. Depending on your family’s members, you can choose the appropriate one and enjoy it.

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jonh scott - November 12, 2015

i have a question, why do i choose round shape not a rectangular one in case i have younger children ?


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