Wahii Waterslide: The World’s Biggest Backyard Lawn Water Slide!

If you grew up in the 90’s or before that era you may very well recall getting out the ol’ tarp a bit of dish soap and the garden hose. This wicked combination made for an entire day of some outright fun. Yet, what didn't seem to matter until hours after was the tarp burn down the sides of your legs and buttox. That stung like wild for a few days; it was all worth it though that day of summertime fun marked your memories long after adulthood. Did you ever stop to think of the slip n slides that everyone bought at the stores and how they were better in the sense that they didn't give that treacherous tarp burn; but they were small compared to that blue tarp your parents made you use. Now while there are many awesome outdoor activities for kids; The Wahii Waterslide just might mark the top of the list.


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This massive waterslide lays at 75 feet long and is made with the perfect material to give kids hours of fun with no regrets later on when playtime is over. If you have a large grassy area and some hot summer sun this massive slide will be a few days to an entire summer of entertainment. It can be for kids of any age from infant to teens.

Very little ones can play in the sudsy puddles at the bottom and cool off for the day or they can slide with big sibling or ma and pop down the slide. Teens well; they can break out the intertubes or surf boards and have a blast starting at the tippy top of the hills. Kids can be so creative in their outdoor adventures! As long as they have the right gear on like sunblock and swim attire this waterslide can be perfect when mom needs a break and asks the kids to get out and play for the day.

The plastic is UV protected and super thick. Don't worry about rocks stabbing through it from underneath as kids slide down it. Another great thing about this slide is that it is predicted to hold up to 256 lbs of weight. Roll out this slide for birthday parties and playdates with the neighborhood friends kids can't really outweigh this beast water adventure. The outdoors playtime is being taken to the next level here.

So we can offer the next generation of kiddos a bigger-better option for a slip N slide adventure when we bring this classic outdoor adventure into childhood. Show the kids how to makeup fun games on it; like races to chase and capture the flag based around the waterslide. The fun is endless and the laughs are even more so. Kids need summertime outdoor adventures like peanut butter needs its jelly.

Kids love peanut butter and jelly! Especially in the summer; which brings us to the next addition your going to need if you have summertime outdoor adventure kind a day with your family. Kids love snacks and need fuel to stay energized. Snacks are a kids favorite breaktime endeavour and when your out in the water and sun you will want to make sure your kids are hydrated and fueled. Peanut butter and jelly snacks or sandwiches are an easy picnic type food you can throw together for the little ones. When everyone has been out playing for a bit tell them it’s time for a picnic; lay out a nice big blanket and bust out the drinks and nourishing foods for them.

When it’s summertime many parents think that they need to glob on the store bought sunscreen; while this has helped many kids to refrain from getting sunburnt, there are alternative methods and more specifically coconut oil as a sunblock. All you have to do is lather on a good layer of it before they make way out in the sun and then probably once again midday during your picnic or break time. The special properties in coconut oil keep little ones skin protected even on the hottest days. In addition coconut oil will give parents a peace of mind when it comes to the harsh chemicals in commercial sunscreen. When your planning your next summer’s highlights and adventures we hope you keep these tips and ideas in mind.

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