What Are the Best Baby Learning Games?

We all know how babies can be playful, even at a young age. With this, it is important to make sure that their energy is used wisely, which makes it critical to know about some of the best baby learning games that you can play together. These games will not only be excellent for bonding but will also be valuable in the healthy and holistic development of the little ones.

Given the fact that there is an abundance of baby learning games, which one will be worth your time? If you have no idea, keep on reading and we’ll provide you with valuable insights. We will not only identify the game, but we will also discuss more on why we believe that it is going to be beneficial.

1. Peek-a-boo

If there is one game that can be considered as a classic, it would be peek-a-boo. It is simple and fun. Some people might think that it is just a usual game, but in fact, it can be beneficial in more ways than one.


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  • Until 9 years old, babies are not aware that you are actually there once your face is covered. When you open your hands, they will be surprised with your appearing and disappearing act.
  • Playing peek-a-boo for babies below six months old may not work. This is because at such a young age, they still do not have a significant attention span. It would be best to have this game played for babies who are six months and older.
  • This is an important game because it allows babies to have an understanding of the world, specifically of the fact people are present even when they cannot be seen. This also helps in the improvement of the baby’s cognitive abilities.

2. Where’s Your Nose?

This is another simple, but fun and beneficial game that can be played with your baby. To play this, all that you have to do is to ask “where’s your nose” and after this, say “there it is” while pointing directly to the nose of your baby, or better yet, by touching it with your noise. To make it even fun, ask the question in a tune as if you are singing and be as energetic as possible.

  • There are variations that can be done in this game. For instance, instead of asking where’s your nose, you can ask for other body parts, such as ears, eyes, and lips, among others.
  • This is a game that can be beneficial in terms of developing body awareness, as well as language skills. This also makes it possible to boost the development task of your baby.

3. Patty Cake

In this game, you have to position your baby on your lap, and once ready, all that you have to do is to utter the nursery rhyme while also clapping the hands of the baby. For older kids, this is played by two persons clapping hands with each other, but since your baby cannot yet move, you have to hold their hand instead.

  • According to experts, this is a good game because it improves the coordination of the baby. Spatial awareness is also developed through this game.
  • Another good thing about this clapping game is the ability to improve the language skills of the baby, which is basically because of repetition.
  • Touching the hands of the baby while clapping and uttering the rhyme is also a good thing. This is going to help improve the sense of touch of the baby.

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4. Rhyme Time

Not all baby learning games should be exhausting, as there are some that can be played even when you are relaxing. A perfect example of this would be rhyme games, which can be played even while just lying on the bed. All that you have to do is to recite a nursery rhyme in front of the baby and even if it seems simple, this can actually be beneficial in more ways than one.


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  • There is something intriguing that babies find when they hear repeating sounds. They tend to look or search for where it is coming from. This is an effective way to make them attentive.
  • Rhyming is also important because of the improvements that it can deliver for reading, writing, and speaking. Even at a young age, it can already be good for babies, specifically for improving their listening skills.

With the best baby learning games, you will enjoy a multitude of benefits, such as being the fact that it is a lot of fun, and more importantly, it aids in learning. Consider the suggestions above, and it will be easier to make playtime more meaningful.

Is there any other learning game that you would like to suggest? Got questions or any idea that you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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