What Injuries Rises when You Use Trampoline?

Playing on trampolines is very enjoyable but there are some injures happening accidently for different reasons. This article today will list some common injuries and let you know the reason of them; at the same time give you some precautions for safer conditions to jump on trampoline.

As you may know, the trampoline is not just an apparatus, more importantly a machine that needs a full and complete assemble before being used. Thus, if possible please take care of your assembly process to make sure everything sturdy to make great bounding.

According to health reports, for every year, there are thousands of cases that people are injured on trampolines and the biggest number belongs to children younger than 6 years. Among them, there are many serious injuries including spinal cord injuries, disabling head traumas, broken necks and even death. Thus, safety on trampoline is very crucial for anyone playing trampolines outdoor as well as indoor.

Common injuries while playing on the trampolines

  • Body Injuries: Different parts of our body like broken bones and even surgery is must have, head or concussion injuries, strains/sprains, cuts or scrapes, neck accident which in the worst case can lead to permanent paralysis for the rest time of life or even death. For these problems, jumping on trampolines does not give you fun as normal, so serious danger as the result.
  • Injuries from wrong Jumping and landing techniques: Especially, our children will get hurt when they land wrong during jumping or flipping and doing somersaults. This directly causes injuries of head and neck. They are easy to get injuries when they try stunts, strike or do so deep strike over their ability, and include falling or jumping off the apparatus without the conscious.
  • Injuries for not have enough balance: There are some bad cases when children land on the springs or frame, they do not have enough balanced ability to rebound. When losing balance, they certainly get injuries and other dangerous risks. Thus, the first precaution when you want to let your children play on the trampoline is safe note for them.

The recent statistic reports said that

  • More than 50 percentages of medically treated trampolines injuries in the USA belong to children at the age of 14 or younger.
  • The number of trampoline injuries that need to be treated in hospital continuously increase every year, even triple or double than the number of the last year.
  • The number of children between 6 and 14 years old that are trampoline injury victim is the largest. And this amount of percentage seen at children under 6 years old is around 15%.
  • Regarding parts of the body, injuries to the foot or leg are seen most frequently, making up about 40% of the total while injuries to the hand or harm accounting for nearly 30% and the rest is head or face, neck and shoulder or trunk.
  • More importantly, in spite of parents’ supervision, children still get injuries just from small injuries because they sometimes misunderstand how to play trampoline in the right way basically.
  • So frequently doctors have seen the emergency treated trampoline injuries that they recommend that people should not have trampoline for your home. As they claimed, there are many safer physical activities for kids such as playing catch, a team sport or riding a bike. Mini or full-sized trampolines should not be used at home, even in gym class. In order let people jump on the trampoline, they should use when being equipped with full fundamentals of how to jump or do great bounce on it.

How to avoid injuries and use the trampoline in the safest way?

  • Have adequate trained supervision and equipment of how to jump on the trampoline in the right way.
  • Besides, the technique how to jump or do great bounce is very important to learn. For the beginners, simple steps should be gradually followed, especially when you let your children jump on the trampoline. For example, if you want to do trampoline tricks, the most necessary thing is learn simplest steps of jumping on trampoline. Then, the straddle jump and pike jump, haft twist or full twist jumps and seat drops are will be processed.
  • Never let more than one person on the trampoline at a time because the activation between people on the trampoline’s surface results in unwanted injuries.
  • Take care of the equipment from springs, net, mat and different parts of the trampoline by checking often to make sure that your apparatus is safe enough for your families to enjoy.
  • Also, when you are damaged, some protective parts like padding, net enclosure should be repaired or replaced. At the same time, check other parts to replace if necessary.
  • You should use the trampoline in well-lighted areas and let your children not jump from the high objects.
  • In order to improve the safety for using the trampoline, your supporting bars, surrounding landing surfaces and strings should have protective padding. It is necessary to see playing on the trampoline as a recreation activity not competitive ones. Thus, you could avoid some somersaults or high-risk maneuvers, especially not under supervision or instruction.
  • Please remember that for any times, the supervision and instruction of adult is very crucial and useful for children. Have great and sturdy assemble is exactly the awesome preparation to enjoy rebounding on trampoline.

It is obvious that doing recreational activity as trampoline sounds very great. However, if you do not take care of or just a second you do not care, you can have unwanted injuries. The injury level depends on many factors from the outside to inside of jumpers. For all reasons, you should know common errors when using trampolines to have good time with this back-yard as your way.

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