What to Look For When Buying a Trampoline

When it comes to trampolines, everyone loves them, even your pet. Everyone tends to focus more on what they will do when they get a 10ft trampoline and pay very little attention to the buying process. In this manner, you might get the perfect trampoline of your dreams, but if it’s not the right one, that’s wasted money.

You need to make sure that you’re buying a quality trampoline that is safe to use and gives you good value for your money. Not sure how to go about it? Pay attention to the following pointers that will show you just what you should buy when getting a trampoline.


Consider the Space

First things first, before you buy your trampoline, consider the space you have for it. It’s very easy to overlook this step, but you really shouldn’t. With the number of options that are available to you, you can easily buy a trampoline or a rectangular trampoline with ease.

On the other hand, if you didn’t keep the available space in mind, you could end up with one that doesn’t fit or one that is just too small. Exposed hard surfaces could mean that one could bounce on the trampoline and bounce straight onto the floor. By being aware of the available space beforehand, you can avoid this from happening and pick the perfect one each time.

Also, if you’re placing the trampoline in the garden or the backyard, pay attention to the kind of surface area there is. You don’t want to bounce off a trampoline and end up skinning your new. The garden can be the perfect space, but be careful. Grass can also slip and cause the 12ft trampoline to shift away from you. 

The Weight Limit Also Matters

Another factor you need to consider is the weight limit of the trampoline. Even if you’re getting a trampoline, the weight of the people using it should not exceed its limit. To find out the weight limit, you should weigh your kids, or if it is for adults, weigh yourself. Now multiply that weight with three or the number of people you think will be using it.

Once you do that, you will have a rough idea of the kind of weight the trampoline will have to bear. You should pick out rectangular trampolines as they can support this weight with ease. Additionally, trampolines for children are usually not recommended for adult use as they cannot handle the extra weight. 

Many larger trampolines are designed on this basis. They are able to support adults and they make it possible for more people to use them. For example, if a group of four adults wanted to use a trampoline, depending on the weight limit, you can either have all four jumping or just two.


Make Sure They Have Safety Features

When using a trampoline, you want to take a closer look at the safety features of the trampoline. Although it might not look like it, a rectangular trampoline can cause a lot of injuries if it is used improperly or there are too many people on it. The following are some safety features you should look for:

  • Enclosures – Make sure these are gap free and made of net. Made of soft material that cannot chafe skin.
  • Safety Pads for the Springs – You need to make sure that the exposed springs of the trampoline all contain safety padding.
  • The Sturdiness of the Frame – The frame of the trampoline should be examined to ensure that it is in good condition and sturdy enough to handle any roughhousing.
  • Springs – Rust Proof – Rusty springs can be prone to breaking, and there’s a huge chance of infection with them. Making sure that you have rust proof ones will minimize chances of injury and require less maintenance.

Always make sure that you get a 12ft trampoline that has all the safety features that you feel are necessary. If you’re buying the trampoline for your kids to use, make sure to get ones with safety features for them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Using Materials that are UV Resistant

If you’re placing the trampoline outdoors, make sure that it will be able to withstand the sunlight and the damaging effects of UV rays. Ideally, most outdoor trampolines are kept in the shade, but that isn’t always possible because of the lack of space or some other issue.

If the material is not resistant, it will fade, discolor or become weak, increasing the chances of the trampoline material fraying or breaking under pressure. It’s a good idea to make sure that you pick one that is made from UV resistant materials.

In this manner, you can ensure that you don’t end up with a discolored trampoline which could turn into an eyesore. The good news here is that you can find outdoor 10ft trampolines, which make it possible for you to place them outside without worrying about the overall effect of the UV rays here. 

Making Sure Replacement Parts Are Available

All trampolines require maintenance from time to time. Parts such as safety mats, springs and the safety pads of 12ft trampolines are more prone to damage and do need to be repaired from time to time. Without them, you will not be able to have a usable trampoline for very long. It can be very difficult if you buy a trampoline, only to end up having a lack of replacement parts. 

Most trampolines can last for years without requiring a replacement, so make sure that you are getting a trampoline which isn’t already outdated. Even if you get a big discount on trampolines that are going to be discontinued soon, don’t buy them as that means that you might not be able to find their replacement parts in the market.

By paying attention to these pointers, you can ensure that you get a 10ft trampoline that is perfect for anyone and also gives you good value for your money. 

Bec is a wife and mother of two who works part-time in the childcare industry. Bec has over 20 years in childcare and a real passion for helping children develop their motor skills. Being a busy mum, Bec is always looking for new outdoor activities to keep her and her family entertained and is a big fan of teaching children & how to use trampolines.


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