Which Sports should be Played on Trampolines?

Playing on trampolines is very familiar to every family, especially kids. Most of people enjoy jumping on the trampoline and get their fun as well as happy time. To make great bounce, you have different ways to access the apparatus. Start simple jumps to more complicated ones. Besides, many brands manufacturing trampolines combine other sport types on the trampoline. Therefore, jumpers can train their health as the result.

Jumping on the trampoline gives you chance to improve balance skill while playing a sport on trampolines improve more skills like keeping balance, moderating jump foot to obtain the target and so on. With the trampoline, you also enjoy exciting moments when playing another sport on it. So what sport activities are applied when you jump on the trampoline? The article today will show you some popular sports for jumpers to play on trampoline.

Slam-dunk Basketball


Many brands produce trampolines that are equipped with a basketball tool for jumpers to train. You can see the product of SkyZone or more. In stead of jumping on a sturdy surface as normal, you will find easier to jump on trampoline to slam-dunk on the basketball. As usual, such trampolines have net-enclosure to keep players safer. When playing on the trampoline, this sport seems greater.

You also let your kids access this kind of sport early and help them enjoy it at their convenience. To imagine that once you get hang of bouncing some times and jumping high enough to reach the basket, you will get fun much, and flips or twist on the way down. Achieving the same amount of air time as pro stars might be very impressive and attractive. Thus, this is one of reason why there are many kids as well as adults love playing trampoline.

Besides, it is not difficult to see many courts being dedicated for this sport on trampoline. Thus, after being getting accustomed with bounce on this apparatus, you can improve the skill with sport court thanks for it.



This is team sports that should be held in a large space. However, there are many people or kids can enjoy it right on the trampoline. And it is quietly popular to play when it comes to this type of apparatus. Dodgeball is game in which players of two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit them.

There are numerous types of the game, however, in general the main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the rest by hitting them thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing group, or forcing them to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them.

Generally, this game requires players to make bounce during the time of playing. Thus, trampoline is also seen ideal to have players enjoy. Nevertheless, the trampoline should be larger than usual for many people at least 6 people to play on it.

Doing Fitness and aerobics on trampoline

Many people use trampoline to improve their intensive level of workout routine, boosting the weight-loss plan. Thus, when your family has the trampoline, you can combine physical exercise on it. There are some common types of doing workout on trampoline. It does not require any additional tool to achieve the recreation.

When you make bounce on the trampoline, you will fight the anti-gravity status. Thus, the higher your jump is, the more energy you utilize, increasing the amount of calories you burn. It is obvious that each landing on a trampoline stops your movements and makes it downward. At the same time, it forces your muscle to react as much as nearly four times the force of gravity. This is the way it accelerates you back up successfully. As the result, each movement of weightlessness in the air asked for more energy for each next landing. Thus, you will burn more calories thanks for it.


Vertical elevation dance is the basic movement, allowing you to jump up and down at your convenience. However, during the time of dance moving, your body is trained in overall including a full body twist, energetic kick, hugging knees or pulling up. You also have to let you return to proper, straight upright before landing or more. All actions are to keep your body in balanced status when landing on the surface. From that, you are burning a relative number of extra calories from your body.

Jumping Jog is the combination of jogging and trampoline jumping. However, different from the normal jogging, when you have jumping jog, the impact stress gets higher. You can start from the center of your trampoline, with a warm-up jump to establish your balance better. Then, gradually increase the height of your vertical spring. On having a steady rhythm of high jumps, you start jogging on the rest foot with each jump. It seems that you jog in the air for each jumping before getting landing. Repeat this action for some times, you will see the result of the physical workout.

Vertical bouncing is one of the best exercises for muscle toning, in general. This simple routing requires you only to jump at the center of the apparatus in smooth movement. At the same time, make sure you bounce hard enough to lift your feet with every elevation. Despite of basic routine you should have basic skills of jumping on trampoline before taking them.

Let toddler move

The last but not less important, it is not seen as a sport but a physical recreation. For many types of trampoline, handlebar is very ideal for kids to learn how to walk on their feet, especially toddlers. On the surface of trampoline, if kids are excellent at walking on that the truth is that they can walk more easily on the normal surface like floor, road and more.

Trampolines are very beneficial and ideal for you to have good recreational activities. You can have more sports on the apparatus and improve jumping skill thanks for them. Any equipment added to the trampoline is aimed to improving and helping you get better when playing on this surface. You can try it from now.

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